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Where is everyone today?


Re: Where is everyone today?

  • Good luck, Lisa!


  • Good luck Lisa!


    I was almost selected (twice) as a donor, but lost in the interview round. I actually stopped putting myself out there as an option because I felt so badly about myself when I wasn't selected in the end. It was tough. I can't imagine being on the other side.

  • Lisa,

    Hopefully it won't sound creppe to say I've followed your story and am in total admiration of your strength and grace through adversity.

    Also, I want to see your ass tomorrow, lol (maybe that part was a liiitle creppe)

  • Lisa- I've seen your ass up close and personal (well maybe not that personal) and I can assure you you are nothing like that. That said I look forward to OOTD tomorrow.

    And thanks for sharing- you really are amazing. I wish you all the best

  • Lisa - thanks for sharing!  That has to be hard.  I'm excited for you.  Good luck!
  • Good luck, Lisa!

    Welcome to my dojo.
  • Lisa - you should absolutely keep sharing (both the information and the ass).  The people want to know!
  • Thanks all for rooting for me.

    I have to say, I don't feel like I have been particularly strong or graceful throughout this. I feel like the opposite. But I do appreciate that I look like I know what I'm doing.

    11/11/11 = 5 years. Woah!
  • You kick ass, Lisa. I'm pulling for you.

    I dunno if this is a dumb thing to say, but I have super duper dark hair and green eyes and what does my kid have? Dirty blond hair and dark brown eyes.

    It's a crap shoot. Nobody is going to think that baby isn't yours. Nobody is going to give it a second thought. That baby WILL be yours in every way that matters. Hugs.

    The poster formerly known as PDXPhotoGrl
  • You're totally right. I know this. I just always envisioned my kids having dark hair and dark eyes. I think I just cling to that. It's easy to focus more on the physical traits. I know my kid will get a lot more from me than looks - even though they will not technically be my bio kid.
    11/11/11 = 5 years. Woah!
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