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XP: Eating Help

Teaghan mostly does solids for every meal with a few purees thrown in if I feel she hasn't eaten enough. My problem is she will eat all kinds if food in puree form but when I give them to her in solid form she won't touch them.

She loves tomato sauce so yesterday I thought I would try some small tomatoes with turkey for lunch, she ate all the turkey and left threw the tomato on the floor. This happens with almost every fruit and veggie I give her.

Now I know the purees are pretty bland whether I make them or store bought so I've tried giving them a little flavor and then giving them to her bland but either way she will only eat fruit and veggies in puree form. Give her a protein of some sort and she gobbles it down.

How do you get your LO to eat a balanced meal? 

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Re: XP: Eating Help

  • i don't have a problem still giving Sam those puree pouches. She loves them.she gets them at meals, for snacks, whenever. Ava was loving the revolution food ones until a few months ago and she's 4.5. fruit/veggie in any form is fine with me.

    you just keep offering and offering. a lot of it is presentation in my house. if served on their plate in front of them, they have little interest. when i keep the veggies in a serving bowl in the center, both reach for it to serve themselves. kinda like they think they're missing something. or maybe it's a control issue and they got to control asking for it.choosing it.

    also, my kids are not fans of veggies being mixed in (like broccoli into mac and cheese) - they like it as sides.

    and sometimes we do fruit for dessert when i think they didn't eat enough veggies at dinner. last night, Ava got strawberries and whipped cream, and Sam and I shared some blueberries and pears. it comes after dinner, so it's like another snack to them, instead of part of the meal. 

    it could be texture is a problem, and not taste, for her. Sam likes strawberries in smoothies, but not whole.  we do lots of smoothies and are learning to make homemade ones to reduce the amount of fake crap that come in the mixes.

    little mind games :)


  • I'm not sure I'll be much help as I fed A baby food (mostly veggies) till he was about 20 months. 

    Ditto Melanie just keep offering things to her. It's extremely frustrating. There are things that he would eat when he was T's age that he won't touch now.

    I got him to eat string beans by holding one and showing him to chomp away at it, he thought it was funny and tried! Mom victory lol!!! I fed him veggie burgers for the longest time and he loved them. I knew he was getting great veggies in that. Also dr prager's makes veggie nuggets (broccoli or spinach) or you can make your own. 

    I know some ppl don't believe in "hiding veggies" but this is what worked for us.  I still give him to fruit/veggie pouches since he's super picky now. GL

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  • also, both my kids really like very soft carrots - either in soup or i bake/roast them with chicken. not just steamed, though.

    for the chicken, i use bone-in and i season it with salt, pepper, garlic powder, and italian seasoning (or herbes de provence) and saute it a few minutes on each side in olive oil in a large saute/frying pan that has a lid. then i add the sliced carrots, a few crushed garlic cloves, a half cup of chicken broth and just under a quarter cup sherry, sprinkle some more italian/herbes seasoning over the top, and cover with lid and pop in a 350 oven until the chicken is cooked and the carrots are soft.

    it is so flavorful, and the chicken and veggies are moist and soft for the kids. 

  • I still give DD purees!  The pedi made a comment to me once and my feeling was...either she is going to get it in that form or she isn't eating.

    She is very picky about trying certain solids and I think it is a texture issue.  Example, she LOVES bananas!  But, she will not eat them in any other form...i think too slimy to touch.  The other day we were at Cheesecake and they give the "babies" a plate with bread and bananas.  I broke up the banana and tried to feed it to her and VICTORY!  She ate it!  She wouldn't pick it up but she ate it (and I've tried the fork way before).

    My SIL said what everyone else has...just keep trying.  My nephew had texture issues as well and became a great eater.  I do my best to give my child a balanced meal in any way she can get it.  If I mess up once or twice or she ends up not being so balanced, don't beat yourself up.

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  • Veggies are still a nightmare.  Fruits are easy.  So we do mix veggie packages.

     J will only eat deer meat and chicken, sometimes beef in meatballs.

    He is picky and throws food on the floor all the time. I find that if I don't give him other options he will eventually eat it.  He loves spices too, where i hate them and like plain. 



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  • Pretty much what everyone else has said.  Up until a week or two ago, K had one fruit and veggie pouch a day bc she's not the best veggie eater.  Lately she seems to have lost interest in them but I still have a bunch so I'll still offer her them til we are out.  


    Also, I do smoothies which she loves.  She will gobble down a smoothie with banana, pb, spinach and almond milk in a matter of seconds, but would never touch plain spinach. I know some people don't do nuts this early but she's highly allergic t milk and they are a main source of fat and protein for her.  She's not much of a meat eater yet. The dr pragers veggie bites are another favorite.   I'll add pur?ed veggies to tomato sauce and pasta as well.  


    I also think babies this age will eat one thing one day and refuse it the next, so just keep offering variety and don't force anything but encourage her when she tries something new.   

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  • she's still so little- you just have to keep offering and wait it out.  i agree with pp's, there is nothing wrong with giving purees longer, despite what your pedi/or other people may say.  we found the most success by offering mushy vegetable and fruit pieces after purees before going to the regular fruit or veg pieces.  by mushy i mean, the vegetables in soup, steamed fruits.  and sue used to love (but now wont touch) anything cooked in the crock pot.  this way over time you can just make things less mushy.  unfortunately it just takes time.  and like everything else with kids- once you think you know what they like/ will eat- they will change their mind for no apparent reason.  hang in there mama! 
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  • Thanks ladies, I think I will keep trying and wait it out before I write it off as something she doesn't like.
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  • She's almost a toddler...the picky eating will probably just get worse. If she'll eat veggie purees still then keep on giving them to her but contimue to offer whole veggies. She may never eat them whole, but keep trying.

    A is a VERY picky eater. She won't touch any meat at all anymore, but I still offer it to her all the time. Thank god she takes her daily vitamins. She's a self proclaimed vegetarian toddler.

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  • I'll go with everyone else.  K is 2.5 and will not touch solid veggies (still), but will eat just about whatever else I put on her plate.  I continue to use the veggie pouches (pear, green bean, spinach;  broccoli, etc).  I am also a big hider of veggies in things:  when I make a meatloaf I throw a container or two of pureed carrots or green beans, I've switched to the veggie smart or garden veggie tomato sauces, and Kraft now makes a veggie mac and cheese where the pasta is made with veggies rather than just wheat/flour.  Any little thing I can do.
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