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OOTD - Wednesday

This is a standard in my rotation. I feel like its pretty boring. 


Shirt - Maurice's, pants - limited 


Re: OOTD - Wednesday

  • I like that top a lot, Wendy!  Here's me - I'm feeling a little schlubby today.  You've all seen the pants and the sweater before (sweater from Bloomie's; pants ATL).  Top is new from JCrew factory.  Hell, at least it's a comfy outfit.



    image Mabel the Loser.
  • Wendy- you are so cute. That outfit looks super comfy.

    November- I love that look. It screams "put together and comfy" 

  • I've been sick and look like crap, but Delilah wanted to strut her stuff.

    Sweater: Pumpkin Patch, Jeans: grandma, shoes: Robeez

    IMG_3268 by krisdi78, on Flickr


  • Love that color, Wendy. And you do look yummy warm today, November. Love Deliliah's sweater.

    I'm feeling better today, so I showered! And got dressed!
    Shirt - Marshalls, jeans - SFAM, shoes - American Eagle, necklace - no clue.

  • November, I love your sweater.  Does the shirt have a pattern?

    I have a meeting with KHC's vice-principal this morning, so I'm hanging around the house waiting.

    I'm regretting my shoes.  My knee has been killing me as of late, and heels don't seem like the best idea, but whaddya gonna do. 


     Tank and skirt, Target; sweater, Delias; shoes, Madeline Stuart; hair courtesy of a couple of random bobby pins.  lol.


    Updated September 2012. Lilypie Pregnancy tickers
  • LHC - Thanks! Just raspberry colored polka dots.  I like your look today - it's feeling kinda sexy librarian.  I love Delilah!  Hezz, can you stop looking so lovely without even trying?  Jeez, it's like LeBron James playing with the H.S. JV team. 

    image Mabel the Loser.
  • Nov - normally I'm not a fan of those type sweaters because I feel like they look schlubby on everyone, but I suppose you proved me wrong. You're adorable. 

    I want to pick out clothes for a little girl so badly, delilah is precious.

    I think your outfit could work with flats LHC, why not change?

    And hezz, I hate you. Gah, you're ridiculous. Also, I need some cute red flats ASAP. 

  • wendy I like your shirt, november you look great and I want that sweater.  I love Hezz's shoes.

    I bought this shirt because I really liked the pattern, I don't mind the belt but I'm not too sure I like the poofyness of the bottom of the blouse.  I'm also wearing pants that are two sizes too big.


  • All you guys always look so put together and cute.  It makes me want to go shopping so badly.  And Wendy, I don't think your outfit is boring at all.  I love that top.

  • Wendy, very cute!

    November, I'm jealous of your ability to pull of big comfy sweaters.

    Hezz, love the shirt and shoes.

    Mashed, I love the pattern of your shirt, but I feel like overall your outfit is too big.  I know that's a challenge while losing weight though.


    Gap clothes, Zara shoes


    Jewelry is from etsy, Madewell and J. Crew

    we all fall down sometimes
    brass and ballet flats
  • I'm going to poke all of your eyes and pull out all of your hair because you forgot what clothes to wear!

    Wendy, I like that top! That style can be hard to pull off because I feel like middle is always poofy and paunchy, but it works on you.

    Nov, you look comfortable but also pulled together. A+.

    I love Delilah's sweater! Little girl clothes are the best.

    Hezz, I see we're going to have a goofy pose-off on our hands. I think today's outfit is "Hezz spends the day on her yacht."

    Lucy, I love that look on you! And I can't wait to hear how the meeting goes. Good luck.

    Mashed, I really like the print on that top.

    SB, cute shoes!

    Here I am, wearing yellow and blue for leap day. 


    Alternate pose because I'm feelin' sassy:


    Tank and cardigan: Old Navy
    Skirt: F21
    Sweater leggings: Target
    Boots: Steve Madden
    Necklace: Souvenir from Palau


    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • What's this about blue and green for leap day? Is it a thing? LHC I love the outfit. Mashed good waistline accentuation. I don't think it balloons too much. SB love the cardi especially the color. I didn't think I would ever say anything like this but I love seeing you octopus poke out of your shoe.
    11/11/11 = 5 years. Woah!
  • BLUE and yellow! It was on 30 Rock last week.

    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • There's a dress code for leap day? Hmm. 
  • Mashed- I really like the top and you look great with a belt. Moo - lovely as always! SB I love that blue color on you.
    image Mabel the Loser.
  • Mashed, I think you would like the top a lot better if your pants were fitted. I feel like I can only do one 'big' item at a time. 
  • I feel like I let you down, moo. Sorry!

    SB, I lurve that color blue! 

  • Today, I am rocking a look called "pregnant schlub" (everything by Motherhood):


    But Sunday, I actually looked like a real person because we went out for dinner (I think I have grown 2304 times more pregnant since Sunday):


    Dress: ATL, leggings: Target, boots: Bass

    We, we like to party.
  • Also, everyone looks great today!

    I especially like LHC and Moo.

    Mashed, get some new pants for your rockin' bod!  I really like your shirt.

    We, we like to party.
  • Pregnant schlub? You look adorable! I also love the dress you wore Saturday. Fabulous print.

    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • SB, I love the blue cardigan, moo, great color combo, ribth you look great, I love the dress you wore out to dinner.
  • Holy crap, Ribth. You look great.
    11/11/11 = 5 years. Woah!
  • image ribth:


    This is my favorite look today.  I love the sweatshirt over your belly.

    Thanks all, especially lisa.  I'm really starting to love my tattoo and the way it looks with my outfits.

    we all fall down sometimes
    brass and ballet flats
  • Wendy - Not boring.  I really like that top.

    Nov - Not schlubby.  That outfit is great.

    Delilah - Lub

    Hezz - Recovering from the flu and still hot.  Not fair.

    LHC - I like the skirt.  Would probably ditch the heels.

    Mashed - I like that top, but agree with Wendy, it might look better with more fitted pants. 

    SB - That grey top is super cute.

    Moo - I totally got your blue and yellow reference, but forgot this morning.  Boo.  I like your sassy pose.

    Ribth! - Look at that bump!  Eeeep!  That dress is fantastic.


  • Aw, thanks guys.

    We, we like to party.
  • And mine.  Its 60+ degrees here which is crazy for this time of year. 


    Bottom half you've seen before.  Cardy and tank from Target.  Thank heavens you cannot see the massive zit on my nose.  I'm considering naming it.


  • I don't own any yellow, so I am just going to dodge people trying to poke me and pull my hair.  Hopefully, Leapday William will still trade my tears for candy.
    (Moo -- you forgot that the rules are different in Boston.  They stomp your foot and kick you in the knee.)

    Hezz -- did you get a haircut?  I love your shirt.  I'm really into stripes.
    LHC -- that skirt is adorable
    SB -- I love the color of your cardigan
    Ribth -- you are looking gorgeous, mamacita!  You were absolutely stunning on Sunday.

    Today is a sweater and boots day for me:

    "That chick wins at Penises, for sure." -- Fenton
  • Garlic, I like the color of your cardigan!

    Cali, I love that necklace so much. I want to take it out behind the middle school.

    Also, I may be in Boston, but no one else is, so I went with the national punishment rather than the regional.


    Husbands should be like Kleenex: Soft, strong, and disposable.
  • I think I am down to repeats now with my limited wardrobe at the apartment. SO no pic for you.

    Wendy- is that beading at the top of your shirt?

    Nov- love your smirk today. I love dotted patterns too.

    Delilah- fab sweater

    Hezz- your look says "AMURRICAH! FUKC YEAH!"

    LHC_ I love that blue on you and the shoes are cute. Sorry they are painful

    mashed- I think that top is flattering and I really like the pattern. I think it's just more billowy because of your big pants. WIth slimmer cut pants, it would not be as obvious I dont think.

    SB- I'm stealing your shoes

    moo- I love your color combos. You take a lot of risks but I think it always turns out fun. I need to mix more solids.

    ribth- you look adorable. How far along are you again?

    garlic- love the sweater

    cali- cuuuute jewelry and boots


  • Hezz - hachacha!!

    Ribth - you look adorable. 


    Thought I would actually play today, but there is no good mirror to take a picture in here at work. Oops.

    Maybe I don't have a heightened sense of smell, but I've never smelled any vagina on my pants. -- TSD

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