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Aussie Nesties come on it

What to wear there? Are flip flops are year round thing? I don't wear shorts, will the weather force me to? I am from the south, currently living in Chicago until we arrive in Brisbane. I am a jeans and t-shirt girl so what should I look forward to? Thanks in advance :) 
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Re: Aussie Nesties come on it

  • Yes, flip flops can pretty much be worn year around. It can get chilly here during the winter months but not too chilly. Certainly not Chicago chilly. During the winter it will start off chilly but by noon or 2pm it's mid 70s type weather. I try not to wear jeans during the hottest part of the season. I wear capris because I'm also don't wear shorts.
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  • it depends what city you're in - but unless you want to stay inside in air con all summer you won't want to wear jeans all summer!

    it's 90+ here today and hot! I'm wearing flip flops & shorts :)

    people wear a bit of everything - capris, shorts, skirts

    winter definitely calls for shoes & jeans though - even though it doesn't get Chicago cold!

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  • I've been here all of 1 week and have eyeballed what people wear at every opportunity.  It seems like flip flops are pretty ubiquitous for casual dress.  I haven't seen any hosery at all (praise the lawd).  I would rather stab my eyes out than wear jeans right now.  I advise you invest in some linen pants! 

  • Yes, flip flops are great and as the others have said, it gets far too hot in the summer for jeans (at least I think so!)
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  • This is awesome, you'll love Brisbane:)  I am an aussie, but lived in Chicago for 10 years and have since moved back to Australia.  I grew up on the Gold Coast.

    You don't need shorts per se.. but skirts and dresses are good too.  I don't wear shorts but live in dresses in the summer.  QLD weather is great, bit humid, but mild even in the dead of winter.   Chicago is a whole nother PLANET compared to Brisbane:))  I can't say I miss digging my car out of the snow before work.. 

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