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Facebook faux pas

I totally just went all mom-ish on my 14yr old cousin. He was using profanity on his fb page and it really rubbed me the wrong  way. I went off and told him that he might speak that way with his friends but he wouldn't dare speak that way in front of family and he has family that can read all of his posts like that (his grandmother, mother, great aunt, etc). I was nice enough to send it in a private message, but seriously?? Not only that, the spelling was horrible.

What are the facebook no-nos that you have seen lately?

Re: Facebook faux pas

  • I have an 18-year-old female cousin who has been posting stuff (profanity, pics of her with her girlfriends, etc) that makes me feel a little bit uncomfortable. On her 18th birthday she posted "I'm finally LEGAL!"    I mean, I don't mind the profanity....and she probably has her settings so that our grandmother doesn't see those posts.  But I worry about the pics of her and her girlfriends looking like sluts, and the "I'm legal!" post made me shudder.  


  • This is one reason I like the Google+ model better. You choose who the post is for. Instead of having to go in and block other people from seeing it. I actually have a NSFW circle, so anything mildly inappropriate only gets posted to the people I know won't judge me.
  • My cousin's 12 year old daughter poses very inappropriately with her friends on her FB. Unfortunately her parents don't care. My aunt (her grandmother) tries to tell her all the time that she shouldn't post things like that, but typical teenager style, just talks back.

    I've hidden her so I don't have to see it anymore.

  • Can't wait until they go to get into college or get a's amazing what they can find on Facebook (having talked to college counsellors).
  • Well my cousin posted a public apology on his facebook for his foul language saying that he was not raised to speak that way. I wasn't quite expecting that! I don't know if his mum saw what he had written or if the apology was in response to the message I  had written him. Either way, he's a good kid and his apology  made me smile :) It is not every day that someone publicly posts an apology for bad words on fb!
  • I have a cousin that has been making me cringe since the moment she got a facebook account. I used to say things but now I just ignore most of it.
  • DH's family tends to use a ton of text speak (or whatever it is) and it's just looks awful. I can't stand all the terrible spelling and half the time the new spelling ends up longer than the proper spelling of the word, so if they are trying to abbreviate they are doing it wrong!
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