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What do you REALLY want to do, but can't?

I got this idea from the MM board.

  • I want to lose 30 pounds without changing my routine 
  • I want to pay off all this damn debt so we can travel the world before TTC
  • I want to go on a shopping spree with someone else's money 

Come on, spill it. What do you want?

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Re: What do you REALLY want to do, but can't?

  • You started off so well! So I will take them from you.

    I want to lose some weight, I start off strong but it trails off.

    I want to pay off our debt.

    I would love to go on a shopping spree with someone else's money.

    I want to hire a maid so that I don't have to clean the bathrooms....I hate that one.

    I want to quit my job!

    Erin~N~Gregg 6/30/07 Project 365 image CafeMom Tickers
  • All the things I want to do now I "can" do, but all in due time.

    Pay off debt

    Buy a bigger house

    Have a baby

    Have a VISA/AMEX gift card to shop with that's financed by some unknown source and has an infinite balance!  (Okay, this one really is a fantasy)

  • Hire Bob or Jillian from the Biggest Loser to come to my house and kick my butt.

    Come in to some money so I can pay off my car, and my education, and pay back student loans.

    Get a dog!!!


  • Pay off ALL of my debt in one month

    Quit my job and start my own business

    Run 3 miles

    Buy a bigger house and a new car



    Siggy coming soon....
  • I'd like to see my kids a little more often than I do and spend quality time with them.

    I want Lucy back healthy, she was my kitty who died in August. I still miss her daily.

    I'd like to lose at least twenty pounds before Christmas.

    I'd like to become a photographer and be instantly successful.

    I want a bigger house NOW.

    I want my body to feel like it did when I was twenty!!!

    ...and while I'm at it...a new car. LOL

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