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Please explain apps to me (Driod)

Yay! I finally got a new phone.  I went with the Driod Razr through Verizon.  Being this is my first smartphone, I am very new to apps.  Here's my questions:

1. What is the difference b/w going to the website and using an app?

2. Does using an app use my data or minutes plan?

3. Is Andriod market the only place I should get them from?

4. Your fav apps?

5. Not app related but why is the phone asking me to connect to wi-fi?  Does this use my minutes/data?



Re: Please explain apps to me (Driod)

  • 1) An app is generally optimized to be easier to view, navigate, and use on your phone. i.e. the text is formatted differently, etc. They also generally format pages to smaller sizes so it doesn't use as much data. Some apps aren't necessarily based on websites. For example I have a shopping list app, an app that identifies songs on the radio, etc.

    2) Any apps or internet use is billed as data.

    3) You can get apps directly from some websites, but in general the Android market is the most central place to find what you are looking for. Generally apps here will be safer; if you download an app from some random website it might have a virus.

    4) Fave apps...Yelp, Amazon, Shazam (hold up your phone to the radio and it will tell you what song it is), TeslaLED (turns on your phone's light so you can use it as a flashlight), Words With Friends (Scrabble game), Netflix, Groupon, Livingsocial, Pandora.

    5) Always use a WiFi connection if you can. This will use a WIFi connection INSTEAD of your data plan. If you use the internet or apps often, you will use a lot of data, which of course costs money. When I'm at home I connect to WiFi so I use my internet in my house instead of data. You can also use free WiFi at coffee shops, hotels, etc. if available. 


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  • Thank you so much!
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