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Because I'm in a snotty mood today and b/c people pi$$ me off a lot of the time, I'm on my soapbox. 

People at the grocery story using food stamps to buy steak/etc.  When there nails are perfectly groomed, hair and makeup look great.  Now tell me, if you've got that kind of money, you've got enough to buy your OWN DAMN FOOD!!!  I got behind someone today like this at the store!! 

Come on I know you guys got some to add to the list. 


  • Girl, we think alike.  I get pissed off by alot of stupid things that people do too.  And I think something is in the air (or PMS, lol) because I'm in a snotty mood too.

    Here's mine -

    -When there is heavy traffic and there is no room for me to move over to let someone merge, I try to be courteous enough to slow down and let someone infront of me.  When I have plent of room to let you over, don't speed up and get in the car infront of me! I was nice enough to give you plenty of room.

    -People who talk on their cell phones while driving, enough said.

    I know there is more but that was all I could think of right now.

    Siggy coming soon....
  • image wife2james:

    -People who talk on their cell phones while driving, enough said.

    oopps...sorry, I's SOO guilty of that! Embarrassed

  • I hate that some parents don't tke time out for their children. I got an email from a parent who wanted me to tutor her kindergartener in READING!! I wanted to say, damn lady, just read with your son! It's not that hard, he's FIVE!!!!! Angry

  • image Leah678:
    image wife2james:

    -People who talk on their cell phones while driving, enough said.

    oopps...sorry, I's SOO guilty of that! Embarrassed

    LOL!  I think we all are sometimes.  But I'm talking about how careless some of those drivers are.  99.9% of the tailgaters that get behind me, they are on their phone.  It just irritates me.

    Siggy coming soon....
  • Kind of on the food stamp soap box--there are children at school who fill out the free/reduced lunch forms that are dressed to a tee in name brand clothing and whose mom could get a job if she wanted--just chooses to stay home!!

    People who don't flush--this always happens in public restrooms and at work---is it that hard to push the little handle down?

  • My cable company SUCKS.  They are HORRIBLE!!!!
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  • I work at UA and get tons of e-mails from people selling their football tickets.  I usually don't mind it, but this week is annoying.  It is Homecoming.  We're #2 in the country.  The game will be over by half-time if not sooner.  People, stop trying to sell your tickets like it's an SEC game.  We thought about buying some tickets and going, but damn I am not going to pay that much for basically a glorified practice.  I can go to the A Day game for free.

     Vent over and Roll Tide!

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