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Hey there.  I assume you are reading on the Feb board, but I just wanted to update you here too.  The contractions from last night have completely stopped.  If we walk a lot I have a few non-painful BH type contractions, but nothing of any note.  It is the most depressing thing ever after being up all night with regular painful contractions.  

I'm trying to keep my spirits up.  I was okay waiting before, but we just really thought last night was the night, so now I'm all mopey and depressed.  Luckily my sister is in town, so we are taking a million walks.  We went to the movies the other night, and we'll go again tonight.  The vibrations make Lucia go nuts, so maybe this time she'll break my water with all her wiggling.  

Anyway, I'll update everyone here when I am actually sure about labor/going to the hospital, but since I know you follow me over there, just wanted to update you :) 

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Re: *Lindsay*

  • I was lurking there too to see if you had updated. I'm so sorry they stopped, I'd be sad too. But she can't stay in there forever. Keep your head up, take advantage of some you time when you can. She'll be here soon.
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  • Thanks :)  I was doing a good job of being patient, and knowing that things will start when they are ready, but it got a lot harder when my due date got so close.  Having a whole night of painful contractions made me convinced that things had really started, so getting myself back in the waiting game has been tough.  But my sister and I had a great time at the movies tonight (My Week with Marilyn - it was fabulous), and now I'm ready for a good nights sleep.  

    It's great to have you girls to talk to!! 

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  • Oh, you poor thing.  I hope you get a good nights sleep and things start happening in the morning.  Fingers crossed for you.

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  • Sending you lots of 'water breaky' and contraction vibes (if there is such a thing...and if not, then I just made it up!)

    I hope that you were able to get a good sleep and that you are in better spirits! Thanks so much for the update...she will be here very soon and you will be able to see her wiggle! Big Smile

  • Aw, I hope that she comes soon for you!
  • Thanks for the update Molly! I am thinking the 20th will be the day. Exactly 1 month after Lawson. The contractions stopping sucks!!! 

    Have fun with your sister. 

    Come join us on the facebook group. Just search my name or email address and Ill add you. 

  • Molly, I hope Lucia finally breaks your waters and comes out :)What is this FB group to join? I want an in too :)
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