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Maternal Fetal Medicine at St. V's

Any of the mommies here have experience there?  Or other mommies with advice for how to handle my question below. I've had to go there for two ultrasounds already and I'm just wondering if my experiences have been typical.

Both times I have left being told something isn't quite right with my uterus, placenta, etc. but with NO explanation.  My regular OB is fantastic at explaining things and setting me at ease, but I always feel like I am being given doomsday information when I am there.  So I guess two questions:  1)  Do they typically just give you worst case scenario?  2)  How do I leave making sure that my questions are answered?  I'm usually overwhelmed at the moment they are telling me this stuff.

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Re: Maternal Fetal Medicine at St. V's

  • I went to MFM at TTH, but only to see the diabetes educator and nutritionist (I had GD) so not much help there.  But are you insisting on an explanation?  Are you asking questions?  Is your husband or someone else with you to make sure you are getting explanations?
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  • I've never had a tech try to diagnose me or say that anything "looks wrong" with my ultrasounds.  It's their job to measure and provide your doc with the information, right?  I wouldn't take what they say as a diagnosis, and just try and wait for your doc to talk to you about the results.  Follow up with your OB as soon as they tell you that you can so you're not in the dark too long.  GL hope everything is just fine!
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  • I had most of my ultrasounds done in my OBs office with both my pregnancies, but there were a few that I had done at the hospital or in an outpatient radiology place. When I had the one done at the hospital at the beginning of my pregnancy with Jake they let on to the fact that something wasn't right but wouldn't tell me anything. Turned out I had a bicornuate uterus and I had a fluid filled fallopian tube, I had to wait and talk to my OB at my next appt. With Audrey I had a few of my weekly ultrasounds done at a radiology outpatient office, both times they wouldn't let me look at the screen, wouldn't tell me anything, at the end they would just tell me they were sending a report to my OB. They were just totally different experiences than having ultrasounds done at my OB office, which were always fairly relaxed, I actually asked my OB about why it's like that once and she said she thinks they are just afraid to say anything because they don't want to get in trouble and that many OBs don't want them to be the ones to give news other than really basic stuff.
  • imageRaspberry807:
    I've never had a tech try to diagnose me or say that anything "looks wrong" with my ultrasounds. 

    It's always been a doctor that comes in after the tech to tell me the "bad news"

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  • Make a list of questions before you go. Take someone with you who will remind you about your questions. Make a second list of questions immediately after the u/s before the doctor comes in to talk to you. Be insistent. Ask all of your questions one at a time and have your person take notes. After the doctor leaves the room make sure everything was covered and if you still have questions ask the nurse on your way out. Then, make a second set of questions you might still have for your next OB appt. No one should blow you off. If you feel that things don't get better there call and talk to the manager and ask your OB if there is another place you might be able to go for the rest of your pregnancy.
  • The tech's are telling you this? I'm pretty positive they aren't to give you any information, let alone tell you something doesn't seem right. I've had a ton of u/s done (all at St. Luke's though) and I had to wait to talk to my dr if I had questions.
  • i went to St.V's because of GD. they tended to do that with me too. the only time they gave me lots of explanations was my first appt when they said she was measuring smaller than usual. then talked to me about my health, tried to get me started on anti-depressants during pregnancy (which i said NO WAY!). and then 3 weeks later she was still measuring quite smaller than she should be. they explained the possibilities as to why she wasn't gaining weight. then told me to start a higher protein diet. other than that, they would say stuff like "her head is very low" "she seems to be engaged already" if you feel like they aren't explaining enough, dont leave until you feel you know enough. they cant MAKE you leave :)
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  • We have our next U/S on Monday there.  The last two have me fired up and I am prepared.  I think the last two times the doctor just left before I could digest anything.  This time I am holding my ground and making him get over his poor communication skills
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  • I saw them with my last pregnancy and am currently seeing them now. I am having the same situation. I have an anterior placenta and because I had a csection with TJ, they had warned us at our 20 week scan that there is a chance my placenta could grow into my scar tissue possibly causing extreme bleeding or me needing a hysterectomy right after delivery. Scared the living crap out of me. TO this day, they have still not said anything else about it. It came down to me calling both my OB's office and their office to find out what is going on as of now. All they told me was that they were waiting for me to have an MRI at 32 weeks to make a final diagnosis. I feel that they like to hold a lot back except for when a "problem" first makes itself known. My very last u/s I was told Connor looks great. Perfect size/weight for gestational age. The time before that, the tech told me that his belly was measuring really large and it would have to be monitored. I really like Dr. Perni but the techs seem like they try to go out of their way to give you information that may not be correct or neccessary. I would just make note of any questions you have and take them with you to your next appt. If you think of something before your appt that you can't wait on asking about, call them. I've had better luck calling them for info then asking when I was there. Hope that helps!

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  • I went there with my last pregnancy, they were awesome!  I was there for my 20 week u/s, found out I had complete placenta previa and an anterior placenta so I had to go back at 26 weeks to see if anything had corrected itself.  I know what you are saying about the doctors being brief and scaring you, but you have to ask questions and he answers them all very well.

    I had to keep going there though because my bp got to high.  I was there once a week for NST and biophysicals and then every 3 was a growth u/s.  I liked to u/s techs and the nurse who does the NST's they were great.  I ended up delivered at 37 weeks because of severe preE... now reliving this I'm wondering why on earth I'd want to have another one?

    Good luck to you though!!!

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