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"old' seeds?

I read online that if your seeds are 2+ years old, you should get rid of them b/c they might be past their prime.  Has anyone had success with 'old' seeds?  I have a ton of seeds that are 4ish years old and it seems like a waste to toss them out.  Based on what i remember in biology class, it shouldn't matter how old they are.

Re: "old' seeds?

  • The length of time of seed viability varies greatly, from months to years.

    Lotus and Palm seeds can remain viable for hundreds of years.

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  • Didn't they find some in Egypt that were still viable? I think it was grain or hops. I know weed seeds can last 25 years, just waiting for the right moment. 

    Anyway, it varies by seed. You can proof them by wrapping a few in a moist paper towel and sticking it on top of the fridge for a week or so and seeing how many germinate. If you have a low germination rate, just plant extra. 

    Here's a general guide for veggies:



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  • Do a germination test on your really old seeds & go from there.  Be sure to do the test early enough so that you can order/get more if they are bad.

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