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Computer RAM WWYD?

I was having BSOD which I finally, after several months, believe to have pinpointed the problem: bad memory.  I purchased memory for my HP Pavilion m7650n from Newegg about 10 months ago at the recommendation of my IT guy.  It was Kingston memory, specifically model KVR667D2N5K2 - 2 x 2gb.  I ran the Mem Test 86 along with the MS mem test which indicated that one of them was bad.  They will replace the 2 x 2gb.  After speaking with the tech at Kingston, though they indicated that this RAM was not the appropriate RAM for my computer, indicating that I should have purchased the KTH not the KVR.  I asked about a swap for the correct memory, which they will not do.  So here in lies my dilemna - what to do.  I surely will swap out the bad memory, but I don't know much about the KVR/KTH difference to know if it really matters.  The KVR was working in my computer; I'm not sure at what point one went bad, but none the less, it was 'working' - the tech seemed to indicate it would either 'work' or 'not work'.  Here are some more details:

I have 4 slots available with a maximum capacity of 8gb RAM.

I also have 2 1gb that came with the computer. 

My options:

A. Swap the Kingston bad memory out and replace and combine with the 2x 1g I already have.

B. Swap the Kingston bad memory and buy an additional 2 x 2g memory to go along with it - if so what do I buy?  The same KVR?  KTH?  Other?  I don't know much about compatibility issues here. 

C. Buy all new memory - 4 x 2gb.  (I will still swap the Kingston to have on hand).  If so, what do I get?  I don't know much about type, speed, voltage.

I am tempted to contact Newegg about my issue, but I didn't use their search tool and it's been 9 months now, so I'm fairly certain the outcome.

I use my computer daily; work from home using Citrix to login to work.  I'm a heavy internet user. 

What would you do?  Thanks in advance for your input!

Re: Computer RAM WWYD?

  • If you are using the internet that shouldn't need too much RAM. Sounds like you were running on 2 g before. I would get all new RAM. If you are just browsing the web and using basic programs, 2 gigs should be fine. I am just used to using more. 

     If you are concerned about what to buy, try You can type in the computer and it will tell you what to buy. 


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