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From the cooking post below... 

Spicy peanut noodles with chicken & veggies

I've never heard of this, but I'm intrigued.  I googled and it sounds like an odd combination but I love peanut butter.  I found recipes online, but I'd rather have yours if you don't mind sharing. 

Also, can this be done without soy sauce or by using some type of replacement?  Or would that completely change the flavor and defeat the purpose of making it?  If it calls for onions I'll have to leave those out also.  My allergies always seem to interfere with the tasty recipes, lol. 

I'm ignorant when it comes to cooking, so these may be dumb questions!


Re: *MarriedName*

  • Honestly, the most dominant flavors are peanut and spicy from the sriracha (chile-garlic sauce).  It calls for soy sauce, but if you're not allergic to worcestershire, a little bit of that would probably be close enough. 

    I'm so bad at passing on recipes because I keep them in a notebook and usually just list the ingredients for myself - I owe Jenny#'s one, and now I owe you one.  I will def post tomorrow!  :)

  • Some worcestershire sauces contain soy (go figure!), but I might be able to find something else at Whole Foods.

    And there's no hurry.  I just saw that thread and thought I better ask you about it now before I forget.  :)  Thanks!   

  • Damn, it seems like so many things have soy in them!  You poor thing - it must be hard to deal with on a daily basis, but hopefully it's getting easier.


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