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Now I KNOW I want to move

We live in a really nice neighborhood, and we pay a pretty penny each month to live here.  There's an apartment next to ours and we are both backward facing - we don't face the parking lot, we face some common ground and a pond.  The apartment next to ours has the windows cracked all the time, so we thought it was possibly abandoned/not rented up until maintenance informed us someone does live there, they're just gone on business for long periods of time (at last count, 6 months).  It would explain why we never met them.

Yesterday morning DH took Elliot outside for bathroom time and saw the screen to one of the windows laying on the lawn and a window wide open.  As we weren't in fear for anyone's safety, and sorta suspected that it was just some of the unsupervised teenagers d!cking around, we called the non-emergency line.  I heard them come and look in the apartment before I left for work because Elliot started barking.  As I was leaving for work I explained I was the one who called and gave a statement. The officer told me the front door had been unlocked when they arrived and it looked like stuff was missing, but hard to tell since nobody had been at home for months.

I talked to a neighbor this evening and as it turns out it was a real break in and a television and some other electronics were taken.  They must have just walked right out the door with them. = (   Ugh.  I know its not the apartment complex's fault, but seriously, for the area, we pay a LOT to live in a safe area.  Not to mention I feel like a horrible neighbor for not even noticing this.  Mostly, though, I'm worried for Elliot's safety while DH and I are both gone during the day.  This sucks!

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Re: Now I KNOW I want to move

  • Ugh.  How horrible. Hopefully the person who did it just capitalized on an opportunity (open door, people away) and won't now seek out other places in the same complex where people clearly live.

    I know how you feel - we live in an expensive very low-crime neighborhood, but there has been an increase lately.  Last week a man was held up at gunpoint a BLOCK from my house at 10PM as he walked home from the train.  DH walks to and from the train every single day.   It's scary.

  • Man that is scary.  We live in a nice neighborhood too, but last week there was a break-in.  A couple woke up at 11:00 pm to someone banging on their back door, trying to kick it in.  The man got his gun and opened the back door, to chase the intruder away.  He was chasing the guy across his back yard when he tripped and shot himself in the foot.  The guy got away.

      We have a good friend who lives half-way down our street and about 3 months ago, he got a call that his alarm was going off.  He went home and his neighbor told him a youngish teen/early adult kid had kicked in his back door and took of running when A. the alarm went off and B. the neighbor came to see what was going on.

          They think these two break-ins are related.  I hate that people can't just leave other people's stuff alone, it sucks! 


  • To both of those stories - holy crap!!

    I agree with you Srah, I hate that people can't just mind their own, they have to mess with other people's stuff.  Its so annoying.

    "And on the keyboard, the Big D himself, Rusty Shackleford!"
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