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Non H&F - Etiquette question re: haircuts and talking

I am just curious if anyone out there ever tells their stylist to please not talk.  I have a hair cut tomorrow night and I don't want to make chit chat for 45 minutes.  I just want to sit with a People magazine in silence.  Or close too it anyway.  Is it rude to just not talk?

Re: Non H&F - Etiquette question re: haircuts and talking

  • I would never be brave enough to be that direct. I'd probably say I've been looking forward to this time to be pampered and actually be able to read a magazine in peace. And if that didn't work. I'd be poliet, but short with any questions she might ask in hopes she got the hint I wasn't in the mood to talk.
  • I'm not chatty with my stylist.  Hopefully your stylist is a good judge of whether or not her client wants to chat.

    My colorist, on the other hand, is a family friend and we blab the whole time I'm there.

  • Is it a stylist you see regularly?  Or someone you're going to for the first time?

    Honestly, I think it's a little rude.  But I've gone to my hairstylist for 14 years and we talk the whole time I'm there so maybe I'm just having a hard time imagining it.  Besides, I would think it would be a little difficult to read while someone is cutting your hair.  You can't really have your head down the whole time. 

  • Sometimes, body language speaks louder.  Take your People and read it, and if she starts talking, make a point of marking your page and while she's talking, glance back at the article a few times as though you're super curious as to what it said. 

    Or just be honest and tell her that this is your "My" time and you'd love to use it to just relax. And that she's so great and you feel so relaxed when she's doing your hair... (turn it into a compliment).

  • As a stylist myself the people who do not want to talk always seem to give that vibe off so by the sound of your post it wouldn't take me very long to stop trying to make conversation. Just my opinion I would just keep your magazine and read instead of saying something to the stylist since that can come off very rude. It's understandable to just want to relax and reading should signal to the stylist that is your intention,  

  • My stylist usually picks up on whether or not I'm chatty that night. If I close my eyes after a really hard day at work, she knows not to talk to me much other than "tilt your head a little this way." If I have my eyes open, we blab the entire time. 
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