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Irrational/rational freak out about boys? tv debut

As some of you know, I?ve done tv work off and on my whole life. My dad makes commercials for one of the networks, so it?s easier (and cheaper!) to use me if it works out. Well, he brought up one of his clients wanting to use little kids in some promotional videos. He thought of us since in the world of tv, finding sane parents to work with is almost as important as finding kids.

The project sounds super simple, but I took a deep breath and brought up my immediate concern: do they know DS2 has a spot on his face?  Bless my dad?s heart as he tried to walk the razor thin line between professional television maker and father to a nutball, over-protective daughter.  I told my dad that the client is more than welcome to tell me no beforehand, but I can?t have the awkward ?hmmm, what?s that on his cheek?? conversation the day of the shoot.  I can?t have someone ask if DS1 bit his face like I?ve been asked before by people at Wal-Mart.  He said he?d tell them and send pictures.

Well, I find out today that they said the spot was fine and they want to go ahead with the videos. I totally trust that my dad will shoot around his spot, but I?m freaking out. I obviously don?t notice the spot because I see it every day and it?s shrunk so much, but I know other people notice it. I get a knot in my stomach and go into hyper-protective mode whenever anyone brings it up. (Which was pretty often the first few days of new daycare. A few kids came up and pointed at it and the director asked if it was an ouchie.)

So should I try to put make up on it? Would it be the only thing you think about if you saw it on tv? My dad isn?t objective about it either since it?s his grandson, but does it look like a bite? The client is a local medical group, so it?s not like it?s a Hollywood movie or anything. They definitely want ?normal? kids.


And you can be honest too. I'm much more open to talking about it when I'm not caught off gaurd. Big Smile

On the plus side, this means we get to take DS1 for his first real haircut. We tried to do it ourselves this weekend and totally jacked it up, but we didn?t really care enough to spend the time/money/effort to fix it.  Poor kid.


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Re: Irrational/rational freak out about boys? tv debut

  • Honestly, I think it's a part of him and who he is and I wouldn't attempt to cover it up.  He's adorable as he is.
  • I totally agree with Jeana....and I don't even notice it (maybe in part because I have always  had a sweet spot for S).
  • I think it does sort of look like an owie, but I don't know if I'd go the make-up route or not. Guess it would depend on what he's doing in the ad.
  • I agree with pps.  It is who he is.  Think of it as Nikki Taylor's mole. 

  • I say leave it. I've always noticed it in your pics but I never thought it looked bad. It has gone down a ton too. I wouldn't cover it just like pp said.
  • I totally agree with what everyone else is saying in that it is who he is, he is perfectly adorable with it, and so on.  COMPLETELY.  That said, I also totally understand where you're coming from in that while the spot itself doesnt bother YOU, the fact that others notice/talk about it DOES bother you.  While I can promise you that no one is looking at him in a Hmm kind of way, I know that as his mom you're inclined to just want to claw anyones eyes out who questions it.

    So, do what you're most comfortable with.  If covering it up makes you feel better, because then you dont have to worry about people "looking at it," then do it.  He's adorable with or without it.

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  • Yep, its who S is. No makeup. Your boys are so cute, let us know when to watch for their debut!
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  • I also want to say that if you do cover it up, I get that it's not because you're ashamed of it or want to change him. It's just a way to protect him from the questions.

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  • He's a cutie!
  • image VaaaJeana:
    Honestly, I think it's a part of him and who he is and I wouldn't attempt to cover it up.  He's adorable as he is.

    This.  Absolutely.  

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  • I would leave it the way it is.  As a viewer, I would assume that if a child was being used in a commercial and did have a bite mark, that it would be covered up.  By it not being covered up, it would make me think it was a birth mark, if it even crossed my mind.  E has one of those in the middle of her back and my friend's little girl has one on her nose.  It's a part of your little guy, and I wouldn't cover it up.  It's a part of who he is, and he is a cutie!


  • Okay, thank you ladies. I got teary reading all this. He's just my baby, and I knew you guys would get it. I'll have make-up ready (just in case) once I have a better idea what's going on.

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  • To be completely honest with you, it looks like he was playing rough and got a bump. It's not a big deal. It's not like a giant, hairy, lunch lady mole. :-)  I get where you're coming from in diverting attention and questions, but I really wouldn't worry. I agree that that's just a part of him. I think your boys are off the wall cute. I wouldn't even attempt to cover it.

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  • I do not mean to minimize your feelings, but that spot is seriously NBD.  Definitely do not put makeup on him.  If I saw him on tv, I would first (and probably only) notice what a cute kid he was - and if I noticed the spot, I doubt I would even have time during the commercial to care about whether it was a bit or not.

    Future model twins!  You'll have to let us know when the commercial is airing!

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  • I think it's fine.

    Also-if your dad needs little girls for commercials, give me a holler. Alissa would LOVE to be on tv! :)

  • image sarahlindsay:

     If I saw him on tv, I would first (and probably only) notice what a cute kid he was - and if I noticed the spot, I doubt I would even have time during the commercial to care about whether it was a bit or not.

    I was thinking about this more last night (I know, stalker), and I think I agree with what Sarah is saying.  Yeah it'd be noticed, but it was just be like "huh, whats that" and then you'd move onto something else.  Who gives a crap.  He's adorable.

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