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has anyone taken young kids skiing?

My son will be 4 in a few months. And we are thinking about taking him up skiing next year so he would be about 4 1/5

Would you advise to have him take a lesson or just do the rope tow and learn while playing

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Re: has anyone taken young kids skiing?

  • We started my DD when she was 2.5 and will probably start my DS before he turns 2 (he's way more physical than she was).

    We spent 2 seasons with her playing around (as opposed to lessons).  We started with her between our legs and then on a leash.  She did her first lesson when she was 4 and it really boosted her confidence and took her to the next level.  I would definitely put a 4 year old in a lesson to start as long as he is confident being in a group.

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  • Drop them off at the kiddie class and go have fun without them.

    I hate teaching people how to ski, I now know why my parents signed us up for classes and went off on their own.

  • Do the lesson - ski instructors teach little kids all the time and know what works.  Kids are actually pretty good skiers b/c their center of gravity is so low.  I think they can start as young as 3 at most places so your 4 y.o. will be a whiz! 
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  • Another vote for a lesson.  This is my boy's third season, and they will ski with us next time we go (it is on their birthday so we want to spend time with them instead of them in a class) but next time will jump up to a more advanced class to keep building their skills. 
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  • I am not a parent but I started skiing very young and I spend a lot of time snowboarding now (every other weekend in the winter roughly) and I would suggest lessons for him!  He will be able to spend the day with kids his age and you guys will be able to enjoy your day not worry about your little guy all day.  If you lived in the mountains and could go all the time I might feel different but if you only get to go on a vacation once in a while it will be more fun for all parties involved.
  • We took my daughter, who is three, last week.  My BFF is a ski instructor, so I had her work with her for about three days, I would definitely recommend ski school.
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  • We first put DD on skis when she was 2.5, but really started when she was 3.5. DS started this past fall and he turns 3 today! We have season passes and generally go up 3 times per month.

    His first time up I'd stay with him. Take him on the magic carpet (aren't many places with rope tows anymore), let him get used to the skis, and have fun with him. Once he is comfortable and excited about it I'd sign him up for a few lessons.  

    We spent the first year skiing with DD using a harness. The next year we went to Whistler for Thanksgiving and signed her up for 3 days of lessons. It was amazing how quickly she picked it up with a professional teaching her. Now if we go on ski vacations we'll sign her up for probably a day of lessons, but she skis with us most of the time. With DS we're just teaching him ourselves and skiing with him using the harness. Next year we'll put him in lessons.

    When I first started skiing I was 3 and my parents signed me up for lessons. I got to the top of the hill, sat down, and cried until them came and got me. I didn't want to repeat that with DD or DS.

    Another option is a parent-tot class. I know Crystal has one and some of the other areas may too. Let me know if you have specific questions about skiing with kids around here.

  • Do the lessons. The kids always looks like they are having fun in the kiddie group that works of skills together and the private one on one lessons seem to really boost the kids. skiing is dangerous and it would be best to get an instructor to learn how to do it properly.
  • I don't have young kids, but I ski and snowboard a lot and have seen real little ones skiing.  I think it's a great idea to start them young, that way they're fearless and they don't have far to fall :)

    I would definitely put them in a lesson, the kids programs are really good at most ski resorts.

  • I started skiing at a young age and lessons were invaluable. Skiing technique is much more than snowplowing in steep spots. :-) 
  • My kids started at 3 and 2 at Killington. I LOVE the program! It is totally worth it to do the lessons. 

    Now that my oldest has been doing lessons for a couple years, we put her in a half day lesson in the morning and then ski with her in the afternoon. It works out great.

    Here is a video of my DH and Madi skiing.

    These are from her four year old year. 



    Now we are skiing the green trails and the occassional blue.



    She was  

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  • Oh and I still take lessons. I just learned 2.5 years ago. I like the techniques that they teach.  
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  • Dh was a ski instructor and LOVED teaching the itty bitties to ski.  They are fearless and have a low center of gravity and try SO HARD!  You'd be setting your son up for a love of skiing if you start him out early, and by doing it the right way, you'll be able to enjoy skiing as a family in a shorter amount of time.
  • Four is not too early for your son to start skiing!  I started skiing when I was three.  Some friends of mine started their daughter skiing when she was 15 months.

     I plan on having my 12 month old son try skiing in another month or two.  A lot of ski areas near you now have magic carpets for the bunny hill which makes it so much easier for the little kids than the rope tow.  We are going to use the magic carpet at Snoqualmie/Alpental.  I fully understand that my 1 year old will not be "skiing" but balancing and playing with sticks on his feet.  Wink

     Don't forget the sunscreen, even if it's cloudy!


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