June 2008 Weddings
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Photog update (sorry for being a PW)

If you remember, we are still going round and round with our wedding photographer since it's been 3.5+ years and we don't have an album or all of our pictures yet.  Last contact from photog was winter 2010 and he said our album would arrive in 2 weeks or less.  I contacted him a month or two after that and have never heard back.

We got a lawyer and he sent a certified letter.  No response.  We filed papers this week and are officially going to court March 2nd. Well-if he shows up.

Apparently, in addition to the album issues, photog was also in violation of something else (legal jargon haha) so we are asking for a good chunk of change (aka, more than the value of the album and pictures).  Will be interesting to see how it goes.

image image

Re: Photog update (sorry for being a PW)

  • you'll be using him for newborn pics, right? haha
  • It's terrible because a co-worker used him about a year after me and I didn't find out til afterwards. They are also having problems.  At least 3 couples have sent certified letters in the last few months, because I've been in touch with those.  

    And this guy is still set up at bridal shows trying to get new business...

     Worst part is, it's not like I hired him on a whim.  He did one of my best friend's weddings the summer before ours and he was fine! Blah.

    image image
  • If he doesn't show up to the court date and the judge still rules in your favor (that's what happened to my husband once) it is a pain in the ass to collect.  BUT, since he is still at bridal shows I would send him a letter letting him know that you will be at the bridal show to discuss with him there.  Tell him that it shouldn't take too long, but you can wait beside his both until he has time to meet with you.  :)  I'm sure he will pay up right quick to keep you away!
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