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What's in your...


We are slow at work so I'm cleaning mine out and I was wondering why it was so heavy:

- Erin Condren Planner
- Work badge
- 2 medication bottles
- Tylenol
- Tums
- iPhone & headphones
- Wallet
- Pen
- Lotion
- Check book
- Camera
- Glasses case
- Lip Balm sample case
- 2 chapsticks
- OPK tests
- Random recipts, paper, coupons & gift cards


Also a question: for the girls for have the EC Planner, do you carry it around with you? I like to have my planner with me but with my current purse, it takes up so much room and it's really heavy. If you carry it around with you, do you have a larger purse?

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Re: What's in your...

  • Oh lord, mine's a bottomless pit right now. 

    hand lotion
    3 pens
    2 Lactaid pills
    glasses case
    sunglasses in case
    pouch of cough drops
    personal cell phone
    work cell phone
    2 credit card/membership card holder things
    little 31 pouch with SP stuff in it - business cards, coochy samples
    2 business card holders - one for work, one for Whipped
    pack of watermelon gum
    flash drive
    an old grocery list
    and a Square credit card reader

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  • Keys



    A ton of pens


    Glasses cleaner


    W2 from work



    Lip Gloss/chapstick



    And of course random pieces of paper and crap I need to clean out

  • Wallet




    a handful of coupons



    various medications

    makeup bag which contains one tube of mascara and about 15 lip glosses


    a bag of Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellys


    OPI nail polish in "Designer De-Better"

    two of Ellie's hair bows


  • oh lord- here goes

    EC planner - I have a pretty big bag but it sits on my desk or stays in the car if we have someplace to run like the mall

    small makeup bag

    boogie Wipes

    Change of socks for Charlotte- no clue why

    small notepad

    bottle of water

    small pack of insulin needles and my testing kit



    wallet with a million things

    coupon book

    travel toothpaste

    more milk tablets - get those out of there...


    5 bottles of nailpolish - also no clue why

    small carrier for one 8oz bottles worth of formula

     blackberry and iphone

    headache meds 

    a bunch of receipts


  • Ok this is my work bag because I don't bring my purse with me to work...

    Vera Bradley wristlet that has my cc's, phone, cash and license in it

    Keys to my office and work id

    Change purse that has my ARDC card and garage key in it

    an add for my judge's re-election campaign

    my W-2

    my last 2 paystubs

    juror's bill of rights from jury duty two weeks ago

    a small book about the Windows on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom/Disneyland and the people who are on them

    a notepad and  4 pens


    3 chapsticks

    a Post-It dispenser


    Base coat, OPI "French Quarter for Your Thoughts" & Seche Vita top coat (planning a power mani over lunch)


    My keys

    Gas-X that has been in there for over a year

    and chafing gel for when I wear a skirt/dress and end up running around like crazy

  • I have been carrying a small wristlet bag here lately and love it, especially when I'm shopping. I put it on my wrist and forget about it! But I've been thinking about moving to a bigger one again...






    Debit card

    Insurance card

    Store cards

    Small bottle of lotion

    3 pens

    Sea-bands (for when I start feeling sick!)

    Hair elastic

    A few coupons

    Business card case

    A list of songs 

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