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Baby Furniture at Grandparents House

What baby furniture is at your parents and/or in-laws, ie. PnP, swing, etc.  Thinking about registries and my mom also works at Shopko so she can pick up good deals at her work.  Just curious as to what she may need or not need.  She's not planning to watch our little man full time but I anticipate she will be watching him some for like date nights or just have him for grandma & grandson days.


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Re: Baby Furniture at Grandparents House

  • We have a Pack N Play and a swing at Grandma's house. 
  • we have an extra high chair we will be giving to my H's mom, then if I see a pack and play for cheap somewhere like a garage sale I may pick up another one to leave with her, basically we will just bring what we need if our LO is going somewhere. Our sitter/DCP has all her own stuff but I may bring some things if she needs them.

  • My parents have a PNP, travel swing and high chair at their house.  They had a bouncy seat too when he was smaller.
  • My parents have a pnp, swing (ours), bouncy seat, and jumperoo for grandkids.

    ETA: and a highchair

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  • We live out of town and spend extended time at my parents house. They have a pnp, swing, jumparoo, high chair and crib (it was a hand me down). We found everything but the pnp second hand. 
  • My ILs have a booster seat/high chair, walker, stroller and we left our PNP there. My parents in SD have a play pen from when we were kids and a bouncy seat.

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  • Nothing right now.  My mom may end up buying a high chair and has some toys for S to play with but in April when he sleeps there while we are gone, we will give her the pak n play.  All the other times, it is either they come to our house or S slept in his car seat till we picked him up.  For feeding, my mom would lay down a sheet and they eat on that.

    When my nephews were little, my parents just had a high chair for eating or for playdough playing but that was it.  It is more normal for them to come to our house to watch S.

    I know 1 person whose mom has 2 rooms for both kids all decked out and decorated as though the kids live there full time.  And I mean decorated to the kids liking and has been like that since they were little.  I personally think that is a little overboard.

  • My parents have a PnP, bouncy seat, highchair, boppy pillow, and booster seat.  All these (except the PnP) were bought at garage sales and they had used them for my nephew (who is almost 3 y/o).  And of course a lot of toys and books.  So, it will make our visits easier not having to drag everything with us.  Craigslist and garage sales are great for these kind of items in my opinion.  Big Smile

  • We have a portable highchair at both gparents houses. Then a pnp at my parents in OK but nothing else at dh's who live near us. We just make them come to our house to watch her.
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