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Julie, any other celiacs on here...

Peyton has had a stomach ache for two weeks, a headache off and on too.  I have to think she has had something cross contaminated or something.  Then last night she came down with a fever so I assume a virus, right?  I am guessing already feeling sick from being glutenized didn't help her coming down with something additional.... I don't even know where to start with the cross contamination---do I go to school and walk through things with them again?  I know she hasn't had anything or come in contact with gluten here so I can rule out our house...

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Re: Julie, any other celiacs on here...

  • Well, for myself and quite a few other Celiacs I know, a fever is part of getting glutened.  It's typically low-grade though.  

    I will say too though that Avery has been complaining of the same thing for a few weeks and I wonder if it's something unrelated to gluten.  But because she's at daycare I have no idea what she's touching.  They did let her play w/regular Play-doh last week and it's been a full 7 days of hell for her... :(

    You're in a really tough position with addressing cross-contamination.  People who don't have to live like this don't get it and think we're overreacting control freaks.  I *hate* having to have the talk cuz you know inside they're rolling their eyes at you.  I think I would just tell the teacher what's going on with Peyton and that you need to revisit the topic of cross-contamination for your own peace of mind.  Use the raw chicken analogy - anything that raw chicken touches has to be thoroughly cleaned so people don't get sick; for Peyton gluten is like raw chicken.  Discuss wiping down any surfaces where there was gluten in the classroom, and if possible having all the kids wash their hands after snack/lunch.  Does she have her own supplies like crayons, etc?  Revisit with P too to keep her hands out of her mouth and eyes, always wash hands before eating, etc.  I assume she brings her lunch to school - so it's never handled by anyone else.  Be sure she's not sneaky-trading food with her friends (I just found out last week that Henry has been doing this!).

    Good luck!  And I hope P gets feeling better right away.  :( 

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