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Friday Randoms

Today is DH's b-day and I'm ashamed to admit that it is the first time in 10+ years that I have actually remembered his birthday. In my defense his b-day is today, his brothers is tomorrrow and his mom's is the 30th. For some reason I have ALWAYS thought that his b-day was the 30th...ALWAYS.

I'm having a bit of a rough day today. It was a year ago today that my cousin lost her battle with cancer. She was young (well, younger than me) and left behind 2 young girls. Her husband has already moved on and he is getting remarried in April. While I understand that everyone goes through the greiving process differently, I can't help but feel odd about this. He is a minister and she was VERY vocal that she wanted him to be happy and to have a mom/mother figure for her girls. Still, I have cried multiple times today.

Today I'm thankful for waterproof makeup.

I am in desperate need of a girls night out!

Re: Friday Randoms

  • We got our daycare secured today. I went against the grain of most of the nesties and chose Daycare B...however 3 calls, 2 messages later, and 4 days later she failed to call me back....SO, Daycare A got our service. Maybe it worked out this way because I was making the wrong decision in the first place. 

    I got put on bedrest through at least Monday after I ended up in L&D triage last night with a BP of 153/103. It came down nicely. I have a follow up appt Monday with my OB to see what next steps are and what the plan is. I didn't come home and "pack your bags" like she told me yesterday at my appt so maybe I should have done that to ward off any potential admits....oh well :) Everything is fine, baby looked fine, so thats all that matters. 

     I'm making a list of shows to watch on netflix. I'm hoping to keep my mind busy before I go crazy. Could get interesting if my bedrest is extended. 

    My DH has been AMAZING through all this.  He has been sweet as pie the last few days. He's typically amazing, but over the past few days its been quite apparent that he's just as nervous as I am and trying to make the best of things.

    I'm so thankful to have an amazing family/friend support. My in-laws have been wonderful and know if my parents were closer they would be wonderful too. My mom and dad still have been checking in every couple hrs the past 2 days. 



  • I'm working from home beacause little man is sick and he's been napping for 2 hours and I have been working like crazy and doing laundry in between.

    I could use a nap, but I have too much work to do.  I am really, really tired.

    K has a playdate tonight, with my BFF from high school's DD, makes me feel old that we are planning playdates for our kids.

    I got some PINK Husker pants at VS for $11 and they are amaze.  I'm obsessed, I bought 2 pairs and a hoodie and they are really comfy.

  • I am in complete shock and terror about having 2 babies. Nobody I even know has twins, so I have no idea where to even go for advice.

    We are telling my in-laws tomorrow about being pregnant, and I'm really nervous about it. I know they will be excited,but I don't want everyone to watch me like a hawk.

    It's almost been a year since we lost our Jackson, and while we miss him so much and wonder what our life would be like,we think he sent us these babies at the right time.

    I'm craving spicy stuff like crazy!

    I'm beginning to really like Omaha, and some awesome people I have met.

  • image AJ103187:

    I am in complete shock and terror about having 2 babies. Nobody I even know has twins, so I have no idea where to even go for advice.

    2 mama's on here have twins...I'm sure they would be willing to answer any questions/advice you may need! 

  • I survived my in-laws last week and the long car trip there and back.  I feel bad when we were there though because I only got to see my SIL and nephew for about 4 hours total and really didn't see my MIL/FIL much at all because the slept most of the day Sunday after the party. This is weird to me that they sleep as much as they do when we travel back there but meh I went shopping with DH and out for lunch/supper with his friends since everyone was sleeping and didn't have to deal with them and craziness. Plus my DH really had a hard time biting his tongue around his sister so it was probably good that we didn't really have a lot of contact with them b/c he might have exploded.

    I have been craving foods like no other after my work-outs.  Am on week 3 of C25K and every time I get down with my run I want Vietnamese, Mexican or Italian food.  Only gave into craving Weds with Chix Alfredo but its been awhile since I had Viet food so might have to get some this weekend!

  • - DS is going through some MAD sleep regression right now.  He was a great sleeper from like 6 - 8 1/2 months, and now he's up at least twice, if not more, every night.  I don't know what to do.  We did CIO a few months back when he wouldn't go to sleep when we first put him down for the night, which we have no problem with anymore.  It's just the middle of the night wake-ups now.  I'm scared about doing CIO now too b/c he's pulling himself up to standing in the crib, and while he can't get out, I worry about him falling over/hitting his head on the crib when standing now. So we're at a loss of what to do.  (Any tips would be GREATLY appreciated!!)

    - I'm sad this board has really died out.  Granted I don't post a lot here, but it's provided some great reading material to make the workday go faster. 

    - I feel like a whale.  I know my eating has SUCKED lately, but DH is such a picky eater that it's rubbed off on me and I make/eat crap that he'll eat because I don't want to cook two meals (and I don't want him eatinga frozen pizza every night which is what it would be if I didn't make something he'd eat).  And I know I could make time to work out, but having to get up at 5:30 for work, not getting home until 5:30, cooking dinner, pumping, playing with my son for an hour, and getting him to bed around 8:30...well I'm exhausted and don't feel like working out after all of this.  Yet I still feel guilty for looking the way I do.  Ugh.

    - I want a new house.  Bad.  But I don't want to go put ours up with a realator because I know we'd be luckly to break even after commissions and everything are taken out. 

    - I haven't gotten my hair cut since September because I'm tired of how expensive it is to keep it up.  

    - I think DS is starting to look a lot more like me as he gets older and I love it b/c everyone thought he looked like DH the first couple months. 

  • not a lot going on here today. i went out for a run, though it was a little cold so i didn't get as far as i would have liked. i'm also doing a little bit of cleaning because i don't have time during the week when i'm working and at class.
  • Happy it's Friday. Next Friday is my last day at my current job. I just accepted a new job offer and I'm pretty excited about it.

    I'm leaving early today to meet with a contractor who can hopefully give us some quotes on remodeling two of our bathrooms.

    I'm fairly new to the board and I'm looking forward to getting to know more peeps here! :) 

  • image melgul001:
    image AJ103187:

    I am in complete shock and terror about having 2 babies. Nobody I even know has twins, so I have no idea where to even go for advice.

    2 mama's on here have twins...I'm sure they would be willing to answer any questions/advice you may need! 

    It's awesome, trust me. We're at the point now where it's actually easier having twins. You'll do great!

    [url=""] My blog[/url]
  • I am so glad DH gets home from his business trip tonight. I had no problem dealing with the boys on my own, but I've been very jealous that he's been in Orlando for a conference.  He's had to do a lot of work, but eating out all the time & going to Epcot too!

    ETA: I really need to change my siggy pic since Christmas was a month ago.

    Holy cow, we're going to have a little sister!! BabyFruit Ticker
  • I am absolutely loving my new job and oddly enough, my time away from my kids. I think 4 years of being home with them has been enough. I was getting to the point of wanting to pull my hair out and this job came along at the perfect time. The atmosphere is so laid back, my boss brings his Great Dane into work sometimes (sweet dog!), I can wear whatever I want (I could honestly come in sweats if i wanted to) and I don't have to deal with female drama. I feel like I am somewhat of a better mom getting some time away and also love the fact that I have a title, something other than "mom".

    We are getting our bamboo floors installed right now and they look sa-weet! I hate the dusty mess that is everywhere and it's going to take a lot of cleaning to get it all taken care of but the end result will look sweet. The contractor we hired is awesome too. He is VERY particular on his work and charges a great price. I honestly don't think anyone could have made us happier!

    I'm super excited to get our house put on the market soon but know it will be stressful at the same time. If we don't get what we want for it, we might stay for another year. We'll see what pans out. 

    I had to buy my first box of disposable diapers last week for daycare and I literally cringed. I am soooo glad I cloth diaper. I couldn't imagine paying for diapers again (I didn't cd DS) and literally throwing money in the trash. DD's but got irritated by the disposables too so definitely not a fan but at least she's not in them 100% of the time.

    DH and I have been working out and loving it. DH is trying to lose about 80 pounds and is serious. This month alone he's lost about 20. He's really determined. I'm proud of him and can't wait to see his end results. I hope it sticks.

    We are going to MN mid February to go visit some friends, go to the Jason Aldean concert and of course for me, hit up Ikea :) I'm excited but at the same time a little bummed that i'm sure it will mean the end of BF :( Oh well I guess.  

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