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I'm glad I'm married because...

(I'm sorry, I'm really bored)

Fill in the rest!

I'm glad I'm married because:

1. Dating sucks! It may be nice to go out and have a good time, but finding someone to date sucks. And there's that awkward trying to impress each other phase

2. Less chance to be involved in drama in the work place. I've seen my fair share of workplace drama involving so-and-so dating someone then breaking up/cheating.

3. It helps knowing that at the end of the day, there will be someone at home who has made a commitment to hang around even if I'm grouchy.  

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Re: I'm glad I'm married because...

  • I'm glad I'm married because:

    1. I love knowning that no matter how sucky my day is I will always have a friend to come home to that will love and support me.

    2. My husband pushes me to be the best person that I can be. He motivates me to get health and is an excellent workout partner. Encourages and supports (financially and emotionally) me to finish school so I can have the career I'v always dreamed of.

    3. Sex when ever I want it Stick out tongue

    4. Our relationship has gotten so much easier. We have our roles in the household and work as a well oiled machine. There are days/weeks when it doesn't come easy. But for the most part our relationship has become more comforable.


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  • I have someone else to take out the trash.  


    Sorry it isn't a serious one, but it was the first one that came to mind! 

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  • Im glad I am married because watching my hubby with Lawson is the most amazing feeling. 
  • 1. I have a personal cheerleader who always has a hug and a good word ready when I come back home after a hard day. 2. Ditto on the sex part :) 3. I finally eat home made dinners, before I met DH it was all frozen food 4. We are just so good together, I cannot imagine being single or with anyone else ever again.
  • I have someone who takes care of me when I'm sick or sad, cheers me on, tells me he's proud of me, and understands that sometimes I just get cranky. I don't have to be at my best all the time. All the games involved in dating are non-existent and that is so nice.

    Plus the sex. lol. 

  • I'm glad I'm married because...

    1. It's so awesome knowing your best friend is only a few steps or a phone call away when you need him (and you know this won't be changing any time soon).

    2. While living together was rough at first, I wouldn't have it any other way.  I love snuggling and falling asleep together and not having to wake up to drive home late at night.

    3. I'd be living at home if I weren't married because my teacher salary alone can't even pay for apartment rent in my town.  I'd be so dirt poor if we weren't married.


  • 1.  I'm with everyone on the sex part!

    2.  I love that my best friend will be here forever - never move away, meet someone and get married, etc.  

    3.  I love having someone who will put me first, always.

    4.  I love feeling like whatever life throws at us, we're never going to have to deal with it alone.   We make decisions as a team. 

    5.  I love coming home and having someone waiting for me (or being home for him).  I love going to sleep together at night.   I love always having a friend to go out to dinner with, watch movies with, and just talk to.  

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