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Happy Friday ladies!!!  What's everyone got gonin' on this weekend????


  • Baby shower! I'm so excited! We're driving to my parent's house tonight to have dinner with them and my niece. Saturday late afternoon is the shower and I can't wait to see everyone. We're having it at a great Italian restaurant and the lady who made our wedding cake is making the shower cake. I'm secretly hoping my mom ordered it big so there are leftovers to bring home! Yum. 
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  • image waltzingmatilda13:
    Baby shower! I'm so excited! We're driving to my parent's house tonight to have dinner with them and my niece. Saturday late afternoon is the shower and I can't wait to see everyone. We're having it at a great Italian restaurant and the lady who made our wedding cake is making the shower cake. I'm secretly hoping my mom ordered it big so there are leftovers to bring home! Yum. 

     have so much fun!!!  and make sure to post some pics on Monday!

    as far as my weekend goes... pretty bland... tonight will be lame, lol, then tomorrow I don't really have too much going on, prob clean the house and play w/ the dog til Sami gets out of work, then gym, then the gym holiday party (yay more being sober while others are drunk!), then sunday I have to shoot a bridal/fashion show - should be fun.  hoping the sciatica stays away!

    have a great weekend ladies! 

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  • I know I always say this, but I'm SO ready for the weekend.  I've had a rough week at work this week, but I'll spare you the details.  But I'll be playing the lotto this weekend.  I'm ready for retirement.

    Anyhow, after work today I'm getting a haircut and then going to a movie (One for the Money) with DH and some girlfriends.  DH and I are using our giftcards to the Cheesecake Factory to have dinner before the movie.

    The rest of the weekend, I just plan to veg and do my usual around the house.  I need to relax.  Badly!


  • Liz--have fun at your shower and be sure to post pics

    Allison--I hear you on needing the weekend, hope it's fabulous for you

    Tonight, I will run to Target and maybe Kohls while I wait for DH to get off work.

    Saturday will be groccery shopping, laundry, cleaning, and shampooing our carpets one last time before we take the shampooer back to my mom.  I'm thinking I will probably make us dinner and we will rent a movie for the night.

    Sunday we are going to the church we got married (wahoo!! I can't wait to see my church "family" again) and then going to visit the parents.  We may have lunch with my girlfriend and her BF.


  • Liz, have fun at your baby shower!!

    Tonight: Possibly visiting my grandma....her surgery was today (still waiting on word to hear how it went....on pins and needles) and depending how she's doing and how with it she is will determine if I go in or not. Then having girls night with some co-workers.

    Tomorrow: Dh and I are going to a car show (his idea, bleh) and meeting my BM and her gf for dinner

    Sunday: Visiting grandma for sure and nothing else really planned.

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  • I'm so glad its the weekend. I did not sleep at all last night. I'm happy work was an easy day and that we got off early. I need a nap!

    Tomorrow morning, I might be working. I'm "on-call" so I'll find out later tonight if I get to sleep in tomorrow or not. I really don't have any plans the rest of the weekend, other than backing up stuff on my computer. Its needs a new video card and has been acting like it is on the verve of a major crash. As I type, I am looking at yellow stripes across the screen... sometimes they are blue, or squiggles... kinda hurts your eyes after a while.


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  • I'm so glad it's Friday. This past week or so has been so stressful! Dh & I currently don't have any plans for tonight but I'm thinking that I may surprise him & take him out for a nice dinner. He's had a very rough day today - one of his shipments came in from overseas & everything was damaged. I think he's going to need some help taking his mind off of it. Wink

    Tomorrow I'm having lunch with a ggod friend that I haven't seen in a while & afterwards we're going to a local spa for some much needed TLC. We're each going to have a Rakki Massage. Have any of you ever had one?

    Sunday it's going to be church & then veg on the couch. This weekend is shaping up to be a good one.





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  • Liz, I hope you have a great time at your shower!

    I'm so ready for this weekend, I feel like this week was a month long. Tomorrow DH is going to an all day Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival in the city, which I will not be attending with him for obvious reasons. While he's out I plan to hit the mall to pick up some baby clothes and other things I need. I'm guessing tomorrow night is a wash since DH will either still be drunk or will pass out when he gets home.

    On Sunday a friend of DH's is coming into town from, I think Dallas? I don't know her that well but they were close friends before she moved. There's a whole group of us meeting her for brunch so I'll get to hang out with a bunch of my friends. Should be fun.

  • @Liz:  Have fun!!  Hopefully you get lots of goodies!

    Tonight:  Not sure what we are doing.  Probably taking the dog for a walk and then watching a movie.

    Tomorrow:  Heading to my parents for a radio trivia contest.

    Sunday:  Church, vegging, and coming back home.

    Have a fantastic weekend ladies! 

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  • No concrete plans. I'll probably go to the school to sew tomorrow morning but beyond that we don't really have a plan which is kind of nice. DH wanted to have dinner in the city and see our friends but I haven't heard from him all day so I'm not sure what happened with that plan.

    My boss already left. Last night was our holiday party. I know its at the end of Jan because we are so busy planning and hosting everyone else's party, anyway he's gone and I'm hoping boss #2 leaves because I'm SO ready to get out of here.

  • Tonight two of my girlfriends are coming over to hang out. I haven't seen them in a while so that should be fun!

    DH is heading out of town in the morning, so I am going to take a day trip down to Long Island to visit my grandparents with my parents and my brother.

    Sunday I am going to enjoy having the house to myself. Mostly laying around, some laundry, and maybe some crafting.

    Generally low key but definitely glad its here!

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  • image waltzingmatilda13:
    Baby shower! I'm so excited!  


    Have so much fun!!!

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  • Yay Friday! Hope everyone has a lovely weekend doing their visiting with family and friends, Liz @ your shower! and enjoying some down time.

    Tonight DH is going to a concert with a hockey buddy and his wife (I declined, I'm not keen on these ppl much, the husband is very callous and crude and I don't "get" his wife and don't enjoy their company). I'm glad I declined anyway b/c I'm emotionally exhausted from the last week or so esp and I'm already yawning. So it'll be an evening solo so probably watching some Harry Potter since DH doesn't care for it :-)

    My bro, SIL and niece from Indiana are in Philly for a conference today and have a meeting tomorrow, but they'll be here for the next couple days (at least Sunday). They have a meeting tomorrow am and I have a haircut, I'm trying to see if they'll be available afternoon/dinner time and then watching the NHL all stars skills competition with DH.

    Sunday we're having lunch w/both bros & families, my dad and grandma too at my one more local brother's house. Should be good having everyone together, might be the last time before my local bro moves to Australia for 5 years or so :-(  Sunday pm is the NHL All star game and DH has a hockey game later in the evening.

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  • this weekend is going to SUCK. I am currently stuck in a Research Methods class that makes me want to tear my eyes out! And I have to come back for 8 hours tomorrow! Then I have to run 13 miles on Sunday and write a paper that is due on Wednesday. Boooooooooooooo
  • Boring weekend ahead for me, DH is working overtime this weekend so it will just be me. I'll probably clean the house a little and do some shopping but other then that I have no plans.

    Hope you all have a great weekend!!

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  • Chilling tonight.

    2 hour workout tomorrow morning (weight machines at 7, treadmill to fill time then zumba at 8), then shopping with mom afterwards.  DH & I going to dinner with our friends (his buddy whom he fixed up with one of my girl friends 2 years ago) then drinks & darts afterwards.

    Couch time on Sunday followed by dinner over mom's.

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