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s/o lachute's neighbors...

So our sweet neighbor died last March.  He was 90 years old, lots of health problems, but the nicest, most independent man ever.  Now we have new neighbors.  They are a young couple...probably in mid 20s and she has a 2 year old.  Not sure if they are married.  Nice enough people, but they do stuff that drives us crazy.  First, they are always open about smoking the doob.  Fine, whatever, not that big of a deal. It doesn't seem like they are big partiers, but they do occasionally set up a bonfire in the backyard.  I would be totally fine with this, however, they seem so immature.  They use an old steel drum for the fires and a couple times we saw a gas can sitting out there the next morning.  Not cool.  Then they had a pick-up truck parked on the front lawn for a good 2 weeks.  It just makes our street look dumpy.  I assume there's nothing we can do about this kind of stuff, right?  Could we call the township about stuff like the truck on the lawn?

Not related, but at Christmas they brought over a little gift box for us.  We thought, awww, how nice.  It was 2 packages of protein shake powder.  So strange! 

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Re: s/o lachute's neighbors...

  • The protein shake powder is SO WEIRD! Regarding the pick up truck, is there anyway you can tell if it has a current registration/inspection sticker? I think there is a law about having unregistered vehicles, but that might only apply if they are parked on the street.

    Can you check your townships fire/burning code? Maybe there is something there.

  • I have no advice but that would annoy the crap out of me.  But I'm the neighbor who is easily annoyed, yet never says anything bc my hubs tells me I'm crabby.  I would try to be as proactive as possible.

  • The protein powder shake is beyond bizarre lol.

    All of these crazy neighbor stories make me want to interview the block before we buy a house! 

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  • image Shannon1110:

    The protein powder shake is beyond bizarre lol.

    All of these crazy neighbor stories make me want to interview the block before we buy a house! 

    There is nothing you can do in this case when someone moves out and new people move in but we sure as hell stalked out the potential neighbors when we bought our house back in 2006. We drove by the house multiple times and at different times during the day. On one drive-by, our neighbor who we are besties with had 2 quads out in their driveway and they were washing them. It was love at first sight for my husband. I am so freaking thankful for all of our neighbors. They are all awesome and we hang out with our neighbors next door just about every weekend. I can't imagine living next to crazies and having strange people coming and going... especially with the kids.


    Anyhoo, can you mention something to the neighbor with the truck and ask if it is going to be a permanent spot for it? It sucks to have such an eye sore like that especially if the rest of your neighborhood keeps their homes well kept.

    You can have expired stickers and tags on a vehicle just as long as it is not parked in the street so that won't help ya there. :/ Sorry!

  • Ok, so here are your options:

    - open burning (like in a drum, without proper covering and/or screening) is usually prohibited due to safety as well as pollution

    - call your local code enforcement department--many of the eyesores that you describe violate the International Property Maintenance Code. Towns adopt the IPMC for quality of life issues and can easily enforce them with warnings, fines, etc.

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