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Weekend/next week cooking/baking/eating

What have you been cooking/baking/eating this past weekend that you want to tell us about? I bet a few of you are making some special treats for the 49ers game today!

Or what do you have planned for the coming week? If you've got some good recipes, please share!

Re: Weekend/next week cooking/baking/eating

  • I made my usual Mark Bittman potato leek soup (from my "How to Cook Everything Vegetarian" cookbook) on Friday night and it was yummy. I put an extra potato in it this time which I don't think I'll do next time -- a little too much potato flavor/texture this time than I wanted.

    Yesterday, I went over to a neighbor's house who wanted to ask some questions about our wedding (her daughter just got engaged) so I brought some Earl Grey shortbread cookies. I was looking to replicate a cookie I had once at Peet's last year (and haven't seen since). These were really easy to make and very pretty, but I wasn't getting a whole lot of Earl Grey flavor. I will probably try another tablespoon of tea leaves in there next time.

    Today, I'm making some pea, mint and parmesan dip (on crostini) as a snack for the Niners game. I'm contemplating throwing a little bit of goat cheese in there... I made this for Thanksgiving and it was really good, though if you plan to make it, I strongly encourage using a food processor and not a fork. The ingredients weren't quite as smashed up/well-combined as I would have liked the first time I made this.

    For dinners this week, I've got cauliflower soup, mushroom bourguignon, roasted winter vegetable and citrus salad, a bok choy stir fry (this with some additions to make it a complete dinner), and a veggie pot pie.

  • I would like to know when I can come over for dinner :) 
    IMG_1373 Cool Winston
  • Reading that post just exhausted me.

    My plan is to make some homemade baguettes, French onion soup and roast some garlic in the crockpot. Given the hour, that might be a bit ambitious. We'll see. 

    My favorite place on earth: The Amargosa Valley.
  • Oh I made alot of food for today's game:

    -pizza egg rolls

    -buffalo chicken eggrolls

    -turkey chili


    -turkey meatballs

    -red velvet cupcakes (aka 49ers cupcakes)

    -lemon bars

    -bbq shredded chicken sandwiches

    -brown rice


    I am exhausted from making this stuff...this will cover us for the week!

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    Doing acupuncture and focus on weight loss in the meantime

    S/PAIF welcome


  • ^ Wow! You've been busy!

    I'm thinking about baking chocolate chip cookies when the game is over.  It may be my last batch for a while because I think I've finally concluded I need to crack down on my eating habits.

  • image Passanie:

    Reading that post just exhausted me.

    Big Smile   A lot of people seem to have that reaction to me.

  • As for menu planning, we're planning on:

    crockpot minestrone

    quinoa pilaf (had this on the menu for weeks and we never get to it) with a side of asparagus

    and something with bok choy, maybe homemade pizza.


    My favorite place on earth: The Amargosa Valley.
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