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My Eggo is Prego.

Yes. You read correctly. I'm pregnant. So Lex's post last week about who was TTC in 2012 apparently we did it in 2011 and are carring it over to 2012.

We aren't telling ANY ONE until 12 weeks and it was just eating me up inside so I had to tell someone! My DH is sick of me calling him at work to talk about it because he is the only one who knows besides me! I didn't even tell my mother or sister yet- (all 3 of us work at the same High School and I know one of them will let it out and I DO NOT want work to know until I'm out of the 1st Trimester) 


I thought I was having normal "time of the month" symptoms, tired, bloated, sore boobs... but then my period was only like spotty for 2 days... so after 3 more days of same symptoms but no period I peed on a stick. It was confusing tho... Before you judge that I got easily confused by a peestick bear with me... It only had 1 line, but it was Vertical. Not Horizontal like a minus sign. So I was like what the hell. So I threw it out and called the Gyno and said I had to come in right away that afternoon.

So I did. And I am. 6 weeks actually. 

Our little plan on waiting until May to TTC apparently isn't the plan anymore.  I'm a little freaked out because I plan everything.. and this was not the timeline. But we are married, have a house, and are on our way to family life, what's 4-6 months sooner than planned. 

I am in 2 weddings in the next 5 months.  So i'll be 18wks and 24 wks at the time of the weddings, hopefully they don't get really mad at me for jumping the gun. I feel really really guilty that I'm gonna be the pregnant bridesmaid.

Sorry for the long post, and random jumping all over the place-  just wanted to get it off my chest, and let ya'll know. I'm really excited yet really really nervous too!! Ya know reading all those "what to do/not to do blogs and stuff-- Freaking out that I drank on NYE, or that I ate blue cheese at a football party. (all before I had any idea I was preg) So many things swirling around in my mind! 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

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  • Yay!  Congrats!  I totally understand why you want to wait to tell friends and family, especially if you don't want the good news spread all over the place just yet.  Enjoy your little secret with your DH!

     As far as being the pregnant bridesmaid, I wouldn't worry about it.  At 18 and 24 weeks, you won't be that big.  I have a friend who is currently 24 weeks and you can't tell until she turns to the side, so in pictures and stuff you may have a little bump but not a huge one.

    Congrats again! 

  • OMG!! Yay! Congrads!! I'll be doing the same thing, waiting until 12 weeks, and it will also kill me. Hope you can stick to it like you planned.
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  • I can relate! Im ready to burst, its a secret Im dying to tell!Cool
  • Congrats!  No advice from her.  I think that this is going to become a very busy baby board!
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  • Congrats!   I think that this is going to become a very busy baby board!
    my read shelf:
    Robin's book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)
  • Woohoo!!!! Congrats! It will be the most exciting yet nerve wracking time of your life.  I'm very excited for you. What is your due date? 
  • Congratulations!!! That's fantastic news. I hope everything goes well :) I am a little bit of a control freak too and now that I just spent the weekend with my preggo SIL I kinda want to get knocked up too :) we are planning to start in June :) A pregnant BM brings happiness and luck to a new couple - tell your bride friends that :)
  • Congratulations!!  I tried not to tell people, but failed miserably :)  But it sounds like you can do it!  I wouldn't worry about the bridesmaid thing - I'm sure your friends will be just so excited for you :)  And you can come here and talk to us about it anytime you need - it's so hard to keep it all in!
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  • Congratulations!! That is wonderful news!!! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy too!!
  • Congratulations to you too!! And TWINS...that is incredible!! How are you feeling??
  • Oh my goodness!!!! Congrats to you!!!!

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  • Aww, congrats!

    Don't worry about being the pregnant bridesmaid. I was in a wedding last May and the bride was about 26 weeks along and 1) you could only tell a little bit from the side, and 2) totally still fit in her dress. :) You'll be fine.

  • Congradulations to you and your DH!!! We are starting to get a very busy baby board.

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  • Congratulations!  Hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy!
  • Awww yay Rae!!! :-)  Good for you guys!  I'll be doing the same thing when I'm pg.  No word of it til I'm 12 weeks period!  GL with it all...and NOW you can plan things ;-)
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