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Happy 2012

This place died again - I thought I'd try to revive it.

What was your favorite Christmas gift?

Any New Year's resolutions?

When do you take the holiday decor down?

Any other news you'd like to share?

Re: Happy 2012

  • Guess I'll start.


    Christmas gift - Zach got me an iHome, and I've been rocking out to it every time I'm in the kitchen cooking or doing dishes.

    New Year's resolution - stop swearing. I've been known to swear like a sailor, and I'm tired of it.

     Taking the tree down today.

    Zach FINALLY graduated! Now just on to find him a job in the field. Fingers crossed!

  • What was your favorite Christmas gift?

    DH backed a friend's upcoming album in my name and got me an Executive Producer credit in her liner notes.  We go to her showcase to hear her perform it all next week live at a legendary venue.  I love that he helped this friend for me since this is something she's been working towards for a very long time.

    Any New Year's resolutions?

    I don't do them since I don't want to worry about breaking them.  I just try to accomplish as much as possible in the year without regret the following NYE.

    When do you take the holiday decor down?

    We don't spend the holidays here, so we don't put any up.  I have a copper pine tree on top of my kitchen cabinets that my family jokes is the Christmas tree that never comes down.  We used to have a corner loft in a downtown area and put up a 12 foot tree every year in the window to help decorate the city, but gave it up with the loft.  It was easy to direct friends to the corner apartment with the huge tree and _____ colored lights every year that you could see from the community center.

    Any other news you'd like to share?

    • We made Platinum in hotel rewards for 2012 and will get suite upgrades for every stay we book this year and have almost 25% of the points for this year to get it again next year.  YAY! Party!!!
    • We're die-hard Wings people so I was super bummed when they lost at the game I caught a couple of weeks ago, but am very excited to see them go into 2012 with 12 straight home wins.  We do cheer for the Preds when they aren't playing the Wings though.  Big Smile

    That's all I got!

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