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Your thoughts on greek yogurt...

For many years I have always stuck to light Activia and the Kroger supermarket brand  "CarbMaster" for yogurt because they both have less than 10g sugar per cup (i usually try to follow that rule per serving, esp since most yogurts nowadays tend to be all sugar). Lately I've wondered about Greek yogurt. I like that it is high in protein and low in fat, but the sugar content worries me. Most I have seen are between 15-25g. What are your thoughts on the nutrition of this yogurt as a snack/part of breakfast?



Re: Your thoughts on greek yogurt...

  • Greek yogurt is really good for you and a great breakfast/snack.

    I think it tastes really gross though. :(

  • Lots of us on here eat Greek yogurt! Fage Plain 0% is really icky until I add adding some fruit, granola, or a packet of Splenda. Then, it's my favorite. I also like most of the Fage Greek yogurts with fruit added especially the blueberry and strawberry. Another fav. is the Chobani pomegranate. Oikos vanilla is pretty good but not quite as thick as the Chobani and Fage.

    We also have a local Greek yogurt called Atlanta Fresh, and their 0% caramel is amazing. 

    Sometimes you need to try a few brands of Greek yogurt until you find the one you like. 

  • image Sadlebred:

    Sometimes you need to try a few brands of Greek yogurt until you find the one you like. 


    This - I thought I hated it but then tried Dannon Oikos and it is the only one I really like. 

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  • Some of the Greek yogurts aren't really Greek yogurts. Instead of going through the process of really making it they add fillers to give it the "right" consistency. I think cannon might be one of those but I'd have to check. I eat fage or chobani. I usually get the plain, put in some stevia, fruit and granola and it's delicious.

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  • I really like the Fage Cherry. It has a lot of sugar because of the added fruit syrup stuff. If you are worried about sugar content, you should buy the plain and doctor it like Saddle does.
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  • I have Greek yogurt daily. I have to watch my sugar intake. I try to get the plain and add my own fruit to it. The protein it provides is worth it. It was recommended to me by my nutritionist. I prefer Chobani over the other brands.
  • I have some Chobani in the fridge right now, because my co-op provider couldn't make any last month. I like theirs the best. It's got a slightly yellowish tint to it (probably just what the cows eat), and it's totally hormone and grain-free dairy. It's also less tangy to me, and has a nicer mouth-feel. I realize that isn't an option for everyone, but I would say that I quite like greek yogurt.

    I also find it insanely filling. 

  • haha I hear ya on the not so great tasting part!:) Good idea to add some splenda to the plain kimd though... dont know why i didnt think of that! 
  • I eat plain greek yogurt and put a little honey in mine.  I don't buy the "added honey" kind b/c it is too sweet for me.
  • I eat Greek yogurt every day.  Wegmans is my brand of choice but I also like Fage.  I buy plain 0% and add Stevia, sugar free syrups, peanut butter, pureed pumpkin, honey, etc. to it so that I control the amount of sugar.
  • I like Chobani. I tried the others but so far Chobani is my fav. 
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  • I like Chobani like most of the pp's, but I love Voskos - LOVE it!  The Honey-Vanilla Bean is my favorite.
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  • We use Greek yogurt exclusively now.  We get the Fage 0% plain.  The tangy flavor has really grown on me, so I will use it plain in place of sour cream or mayo in most everything. But when I want it sweet, I doctor it like most people on here do.  
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  • I love the Fage fruit options.  Love it!  I gag if I try to eat regular yogurt now.  I eat it everyday and it's so filling. 
  • I buy plain and add fruit and/ or honey and flax seed to mine. I eat it just about every day. Lately I have been buying the big tubs of the Costco brand. My treat sometimes though is the black cherry chobani- it's hands down my fave, so good, I don't do it all the time for cost and sugar content
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  • I'm definitely a greek yogurt fan. I avoid fat free dairy products, so I prefer the full-fat version (I find it's more filling). Super delicious. I love adding some berries or a touch of local raw honey.

  • Personally, I don't consider anything but plain, without any additives when purchasing yogurt. I mainly stick with kefir for the probiotic content but as far as greek yogurt goes, my favorite is from Cabot. I think low fat and fat free greek yogurt tastes like paste.

    A cup of plain milk or yogurt will always have about 11g of carbs just from the milk sugar. Anything above that is from added ingredients. You'll get better flavor and nutrition from your own additions rather than what comes already packaged. This time of the year frozen berries come in handy for that purpose. They're already sort of smooshy when defrosted and good for stirring in.

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