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What are you drinking to bring in the new year?

I work tomorrow but I do have a bottle of champagne then I will be in bed at 12:01
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Re: What are you drinking to bring in the new year?

  • We'll be having sparkling cider.
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  • image StarJay:
    We'll be having sparkling cider.

    Yep this!

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  • Had mimosas with brunch. Have more champagne in the fridge, but I don't really have a plan for tonight yet.
  • Currently, a Dr Pepper :) I have some wine in the fridge I may break out later. I'll be watching the ball drop on my own this year, so I'll probably crash in bed soon after.

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  • I have some Prosecco in the fridge (H doesn't like Champagne) but we might skip it tonight since I'm sick and we won't make it to midnight anywhere.
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  • We were given a bottle of Cristal champagne, so we will be boozing it up like rappers tonight lol.

  • We bought a bottle of champagne while we were out and about today.  We'll probably each have a glass and call it a night.
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  • Well, I'll probably have milk with dinner. Then some water after dinner. Then some milk with our brownies later. Yep, living it up tonight!
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  • Water, but I'll likely celebrate my entrance to the second trimester with a bit of red wine. I've been looking forward to it for weeks. 
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  • M had a martini and I had some of my favorite Pinot Noir with dinner. I think we're going to watch our DVR'd shows from last week and open a bottle of Champagne and then eat brownies.
  • Probably ginger ale. DS is possibly sporting a stomach virus over here.
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  • Sparkling grape juice haha lame.
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  • Well, I was going to buy some sparkling cider today but the last one was on the top shelf in the way back and I couldn't reach it. I was going to ask nice looking tall man to get me it, but his wife was scared me.

    So, water it is.

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  • We went to dinner with friends. I had a virgin pina colada. I think they put some nasty rum extract in it because I was not a fan. Here at home I forgot to get anything. I may have a glass of creme soda.
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  • Water. If I get daring I'll pour a tall glass of chocolate milk. 
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  • Water. But I did get crazy and squirt a little strawberry watermelon Mio in it! Festive!
  • Last night I had cupcake jello shots, raspberry vodka with sprite, and sparkling wine at midnight. The plan was to get drunk, but I guess now that im 25 I get bored while drinking so I only had like 5 drinks total. haha.
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