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No Panties For Me

I was going to use my Christmas money to get myself new panties, new pillows, and a massage.

We just got the bill for The Husband's dental work.

He's such a liability.

Re: No Panties For Me

  • Yikes! Can you use some of the money for at least one of those things and the rest on his dental work?

    I mean, if it was me, I'd still get all those things and pay the dental work another way....that Christmas money should be fun money! But yeah, H's are definitely a liability :)

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  • The dental work is twice as much as the gift money.. so it's just a small portion of it.
  • image alabaster_angel:
    The dental work is twice as much as the gift money.. so it's just a small portion of it.

    You've gotta stop knocking his teeth down his throat, Ala. It's just too expensive. 

    I'd still get at least on of those three things and the rest towards his dental work.

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  • I've had this happen more times than I'd like to count.  I feel your pain, love. 

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