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S/O Going Home - How long has been the longest?

A Spin Off from the awesome poll below about going home.

What's the longest you've been away without a visit? 

Re: S/O Going Home - How long has been the longest?

  • Only 6 months for me. And it was hard. DH hasn't been back to Ethiopia in 1.5 years, because we can't afford the tickets. I don't know how he stands it. 
  • 1.5 years from July 2010 until a few week ago Dec 2011. It was going to be until April 2012, so almost 2 years, but then my dad got sick and there was a possibility this would be his last Christmas (thankfully doesn't look like that anymore), so I said I wanted to go home. Mostly the long break was because of my pregnancy and DD's birth. It was easier than I had feared it would be (not going home, I mean :-)). And the upside is that now it's only 3.5 months until we go back to the States for 5 months this summer!!

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  • It'll be one year & nine months when I head to the States this summer.
  • A year - I try to go home every August.
  • I was home this time last year and we are planning a trip for later in 2012, probably around Sept. So by the time I go home next it will be a year and about 9 mths or so. This will be my longest stretch.  

    Before that it was roughly a year. 

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  • It been just about 2.5 years.  We just can't afford the tickets to go there, and no one can afford the tickets/trip to come here.
  • 18 months. I assume it'll be longer this time around, since we don't know if we can afford to go back in 2012.
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  • We are going home in Dec 2012, so it will be 5.5 years since we were last home. 
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  • Dh hasn't been home since  Dec. 2009, we are. Planning a trip for June 2012. So hopefully 2.5 years. His family has been here, though. 


    The longest I went I think was about 6 months. Poor man. We had more disposable income back then and so much more time off... 

  • It was when we were in the US, I think it was 3 years or more. We had family over to see us though.
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  • It's been 8 months, which sounds short compared to what others do, but was really hard. Thankfully we had both of our fathers visit us in the interim, or I think I would have broken down and bought tickets home.
  • It's been 2 years 2 months and 3 days as of right now.
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  • I didn't go home from 1991 until 2000....I stayed in the US against my parents' (ie mom's) wishes and my mom "disowned" me. Plus I was a broke student so it is not like I could afford it on my own. I went back in 2000 after my mom finally decided I wasn't "dead" anymore. I then didn't go back until 2004 ( I divorced in 2002 which made my mom much happier) with my BF (DH now) and went back every 2 years until DD was born in 2010. We will now be going back once a year.
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  • probably around 18 months

    But I really only track how long it's been since I've seen my parents (or rather - they track it). So it might have been longer since I've been to my hometown, because sometimes we meet somewhere else.

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