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Elliptical or stationary bike?

Hi ladies!  I don't post much on this boards, but lurk often.

I KNOW that if I have a machine at home that I WILL use it.  Last winter I was off work for six weeks and set up DH's bike stand and used it every day, but his bike is too big.  My mom has an elliptical, and every time I go there I make a plan to use it.

I am tired of complaining about my belly, but unless it is easy to get to, I know I won't exercise.  My eating habits are pretty good for the most part, I'm not looking to lose weight, just tone a little.  I worked at an MLB ballpark until a couple months ago, and I had to take a full hour for lunch, so I ran the stairs during this time and when I finished, I felt fantastic and accomplished.  DH says I look the same, but I sure don't feel it. 

So, what is your preference?  Do you prefer a bike to an elliptical?  What should I look for? What models do you have and what do you like or dislike about it? 

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Re: Elliptical or stationary bike?

  • I don't feel like ellipticals do much for me.  I can get on it and go hard, and get my heart rate up til the cows come home, but I never end up seeing results in my body.  Could just be me. 

    I wouldn't shell out for a stationary bike myself, but a bike (that I could ride outside a good chunk of the year) and a trainer, yes.  I also sucked up my dislike of running and worked to get better at it and like it more, so I do that outside through most of the year.  I really don't like exercising inside very much.  I get bored.

  • I bought a stationary bike, and I love it!  I have videos that I spin too, and sometimes I just plug my ipod in and spin to certain playlists.  I live in a very cold and snowy place, and I hate running in the winter (would rather 95 degrees than -10 anyday) so inside exercise works well for me at least 6 months out of the year.  I have tried ellipticals at the gym and just don't feel the sense of satisfaction afterwards from them, nor do I find myself sweating or breathing as hard.
  • Another vote for a bicycle and a stationary trainer.
  • I would go with the bike, I don't really care for ellipticals either.
  • If your goal isn't really weight loss, but "toning up" (which, BTW, isn't really a thing), I would recommend getting weights instead of cardio equipment, and a few good books (like The New Rules of Lifting for Women and the Women's Health Big Book of Exercises). 

    The answer to your question is that you should get whichever you enjoy more, because then you'll keep up with it.  There's no such thing as BAD exercise. 

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  • DH & I had this same discussion a few weeks back and decided on a stationary bike. I don't really care for elliptical's really, I feel like I don't get a good enough work out on them and plus I feel silly when I'm on them. The stationary bike has been one of the best purchases we've ever made. In addition to my running, I use the bike 5 times a week and I've loved every minute on it.  
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  • We decided on a stationary bike because we could get a quality one for significantly less money than we could get a quality elliptical. A bike plus trainer didn't make sense for us, because DH and I both use the stationary bike, and neither of us plan to ride outside. We have a Schwinn upright, and like it very much.
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