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Healthy Cooking?!

I am having a hard time coming up with dinners to make for the hubs & I for dinner.  I recently lost 100 pounds, but have probably put on 15 lbs since our Wedding in October.  My hubby is a farmer and doesn't usually eat lunch, so I feel like when he gets home at night, I need to make him a big dinner, because he has been working hard all day.  BUT I can't seem to find simple, low calorie recipes to make.  He LOVES beef, but the recipes I have found are for chicken.  I know there are a lot of websites with healthy recipes, but so many of them use ingredients that I don't usually keep on hand.  Anyone know of any good recipes or websites?  Thanks!

Re: Healthy Cooking?!

  • I think you're going to have to be a little more specific here.

    Also, you can go to and type in ingredients that you want to use, and the search will return recipes with those ingredients.

  • You're probably better off building a recipe collection from those healthy websites and changing what you keep on hand to be able to prepare those recipes.
  • I grew up on a farm and my family still farms so I know what you mean...he's probably a "meat and potatoes" type of guy, right?  My hubby is that way BIG time!  He's not picky, but he much prefers good ol' hearty food.  I use a lot of recipes from kraft...they use real ingredients and give the nutritional content.  Plus most of them offer reasonable substitutions to make them a bit healthier.  I try to find recipes that might be a little "sneaky" with vegetables and healthier versions of what I know he likes.  Like if I'm looking for a healthy beef stew, I'll google "healthy beef stew recipe." 

    Congrats on the 100lbs, though!!

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  • I have put together a binder with a few recipes that I have tried that both of us enjoyed.  I like recipes that I can put together in minimal time, and I especially like crock-pot recipes.  
  • You are right on with the meat & potatoes!  I have introduced him to new foods (like salmon) and he actually liked it.  Well, he said he did, anyways.  I told him he has to be honest with me, though, because if he tells me he likes something, I'm going to continue making it!  What would we do without google?!  


    Thanks!  :-) 

  • Do you pay attention to portion sizes?  There are plenty of things you can make that are healthy, but if your H is working hard and not eating lunch, he could easily need to eat twice as much as you.


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  • ditto the pp about finding healthy recipes you like, then stocking your pantry accordingly. 

    when dh and I first started cleaning up our act, it took effort and planning. had to sit down with a 'healthy' cookbook, flag recipes that looked good and then make a menu and shopping list for the week...bc if i didn't, inevitably it'd get to be dinner time, there'd be no plan, and we'd eat crap. after several months, it got easier--we had several "go-to" recipes and a pantry full of healthy options and sides. but half the battle of healthy eating is the planning, so don't get discouraged and stick with it. you'll be soooo glad you did :-)

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