August 2006 Weddings
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In August 2006 I was...

Twenty three years old.

Anticipating my second year of teaching 4th grade.

A bridesmaid in my aunt's second wedding to the same man.

Paying rent that was $550 and working part time as a hostess at Eastern Standard in Boston during my summer off from teaching.

I got all of that from my Google Calendar. What were you up to?

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Re: In August 2006 I was...

  • 21 years old

    A mother of a nearly 2 year old

    Preparing to marry her father in October that year

    Living way beyond my means

    Skinny and tan lol

  • I was 18.

    Had just started my first year of college at KU.

    Was going  on a "break" from the guy I later got engaged to. (then broke it off with 2 years after getting engaged).

    I was also tan and skinny. lol


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  • image CCO2012:

    I was also tan and skinny. lol

    Ugh, I miss being tan and skinny...

  • I was 30/31 (depending on the day!). I got laid off for the second time that year, this time due to the downturn in the housing market in Florida.

    I was dating a guy that would be off-and-on for the next two years. I was at a pretty low point in my life. But I was skinny and tan! :) 

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  • hahah I was fatter and tan.
    image Itchy nose.
  • Oh Lord, I was 24. I thiiiink I was dating a guy waaayy to old for me, though that might have been my 25th year. I was working a fun, but sh!tty job (no stable salary, no benefits, but it was a museum, so it was still kind of awesome. 

    I was super hot around that age becuase my best friend was getting married the next summer (07-07-07) and I didn't want to look horrid in her pictures so I was working out ALL. THE. TIME.

     Holy crap, this seems like a lifetime ago. 


  • I was 24, and had been dating my husband for a couple of months.

    Enjoying having my own place and working my first full-time post college job.

    Starting to see friends getting engaged/married.


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  • I was 18, tan, and skinny too! Lol.

    I was in a summer fling with a DJ (This was the summer me and BF broke up)

    Getting ready to start my first year of college at an all girls school that I only stayed at for one semester.

    Finally starting to grow into my own and figure out my own life.

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  • Let's see I was 27 and single..working a FT and a PT job.  Nothing spectacular happened that year for me LOL 
  • 20 years old, and actually having the summer of my life. Just moved from an apartment into a house with my four best girlfriends, one of who was living there with me for the summer. Working part time, playing full time.

    Newly dating my ex-boyfriend, and that summer was definitely the highlight of our relationship. We were at the shore every weekend having a blast.

     I was also skinny and tan, haha.

  • young, dumb and in love :)
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