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QOTD Friday


Re: QOTD Friday

  • Groceries.  To be exact:  chicken, pork, lettuce, red and orange peppers, cabbageonions, coffee, cookies, guacamole, avocados, corn tortillas, mac & cheese, and Coco Lopez type pina colada mix.  

    WNW, the CocoLopez was inspired by a conversation with Mr.WNW this afternoon. HA!

    Oh, and they overcharged me for the peppers, so I got 2 peppers ($4.33) taken off my bill!  Woo-hoo! 

  • image KelXoXo:

    Can you post a review when it gets here?  I've been looking at their site for the living room rug since we have all hardwoods, and Guinevere is now mobile...curious how they seem to feel!   

    I already have the samples for what I ordered and they feel pretty nice. I am doing a checkerboard design with contrasting textures (they have a TON of options, it's a little overwhelming). The two styles I'm using are "Rake Me Over" that is kind of thick and "Toy Poodle" that is shorter and more knubby.  

    Their samples are about $1.50 each and they ship pretty quickly, if you're interested I definitely recommend ordering some. But I'll let you know how the full size rug turns out :-) 

  • Batman toothbrush
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  • Dinner at El Fresco in Chantilly, a case of Warsteiner at Total Wine, then black eyed peas at Giant!
  • I was about to make cupcakes for a party tonight and forgot I didn't have buttermilk, so I had to run out and get some last night.
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