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Sensitive skin? baby related

Do any of you Mom's have experience with sensitive skin babies?  I think Lucas may have eczema on his cheeks.  They are really red and kind of chapped.  It almost looks like he was outside on a cold windy day but we haven't been outside since Christmas.  Do you think wind burn would take that long to come out?  It just kind of popped up between yesterday and today.  His eyes are peeling from when he we were constantly wiping them for his clogged tear duct.  Do any of you have advice on how I can make his face not so red?
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Re: Sensitive skin? baby related

  • i would put some aquaphor on his cheeks. thats what they tell me to do with eli as a first step to see if that helps. when does he go to the dr next?

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  • Wyatt gets eczema on his calves and feet. I put aveeno baby lotion on the bad spots, and only give him a bath everyday if he really needs it, and that has helped it quite a bit. I used to use Johnson and Johnson scented stuff, and that tended to aggravate the eczema more than it helped, which is why I switched to aveeno.

    What are you wiping his eye with? I used to just use kleenex to wipe Wyatt's nose when he was sick and it also dried out the skin quite a bit, so I switched to ones called 'boogie wipes'... I think they have aloe or something in them, but they're soft and don't dry out the skin as much... maybe they would work for his eye as well? 


  • Thanks girls. He goes back feb 9th for his 2 mon check up. Its not tooo bad but I wanna fix it before it gets worse. I was thinking about switching him to aveeno bc right now we are using the johnson and johnson bath stuff. He doesnt seemed bothered by it at all so maybe im being more paranoid than necessary.
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  • I've had eczema since I was a baby. When I was little, my mom said she used Aquaphor a lot...and she said I took a lot of oatmeal baths.

    When I was a baby, I had it on my ears and stomach mainly. Then for a few years I had it on my eyes...that sucked. Now I only have really bad outbreaks of it twice a year-winter and summer and it's only on my hands. I go through the HUGE bottle of Johnson & Johnson baby lotion every few months.


    ETA: My J&J lotion is nonscented.



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  • I second aquaphor. Also, j&j has a lot of additives that can bother kids skin. Anders has very sensitive skin, and once we started using lotion around 7 months, we tried out a few Different options and found that the best for him is Avalon Organics.

    It sounds like your main concern is his cheeks, but another thing to watch for is skin reactions to laundry detergent. Even tide free and clear (and similar brands free and clear) have additives that can bug kiddos

    Also, I second boogie wipes for runny noses. They are like gold, but they work so well when you have a kid with a crusty or runny nose. 

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  • Kyle had really bad ezcema when he was little and again now that the weather is cold and we also use the Aveeno Baby Eczema lotion.  They also make a baby oatmeal bath that helps too.
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