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Sharing good news while I still have it to share! (long)


Re: Sharing good news while I still have it to share! (long)

  • you are definitely inspiring! i'm hoping things work out soon! Stay encouraged!

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  • I have no words - just lots of smiles, and (happy) tears, and all of my best thoughts and prayers for you, O, and Baby F -- stick, baby, stick!
    Pam and John
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  • I am hoping for the best for you! In my limited experience with pregnancy- doctors were wrong on many occasions and DD was very healthy :-)
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  • Congratulations!!!  I had a sono at the 6 week mark and the baby's HB was in the 90s and measuring 2 weeks behind in growth.  This early on, even finding a HB is a miracle and babies do go on to grow and be healthly.  Soak it up now and enjoy being pregnant. 
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  • Congrats!! I will be thinking nothing but positive thoughts for you.
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  • Diana, I am so amazed by your continuing ability to be so positive!  I will pray that this pregnancy "sticks" but I know if it does not you will find a way to get through it and find peace.  Hugs!
  • Congratulations, Diana!!!!!!  I hope your baby is as tough as you are and sticks this out :)  huge hugs!!!!
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    Congrats!  I don't want to give you false hope, and I know the doctors have more info than I do, but DD is here today after a HB in the 70s at a 7 week ultrasound. The doctors were very grim, but the ultrasound tech told me not to worry too much (I'm sure she wasn't supposed to, but I'm so thankful that she did) - that sometimes it's just that the HB has just started.  6 to 7 weeks that's very possible.  The next week we went back and it was strong in the 160s! 

    Oh, wow. I'm so happy everything worked out for you! Thank you - your success story will defintiely keep me going a little stronger this week.

    Ditto this. I was much earlier in my pg with Maggie than the docs thought and they gave me a pretty good scare with a bunch of things including the hb.

    Congrats and lots,of t&p! 

  • YESSSSSSS!!! I was hoping I'd see this when I opened this post. I'm sorry to hear there is not so good news along with it. But dangit, you're pregnant and that is something to celebrate!

    I spent a lot of time on a fertilityfriend board with other women who've had a m/c and the mantra we all tried to repeat over and over was "Right now, I am pregnant".  No one wants to go through the heartbreak of a m/c but one thing is sounds like you already know is that you can't live in fear of another one, so enjoy each moment you have right now.

    Also, this isn't the same but I have a friend pg with her miracle baby right now (all kinds of fertility issues and she got pg via IVF) who just had a scare that she would have to terminate the pregnancy. I say this because after buttloads of testing, they found out the baby is just fine. And she is due in June. So, while statistics say it doesn't look good for you, I'm going to keep up the hope that this is *your* miracle baby. :)

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  • Just catching up on the board since getting back from our holiday travels but congrats!  I hope that little heartbeat continues to get stronger and faster!!  Keep us updated and you will be in my (and DH's!) thoughts and prayers.
    July 19, 2008

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  • Congrats!  Ts & Ps coming your way.
  • Congrats!  Lots of T&P and best wishes to you!
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