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Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?

I was just wondering because I bought a lot of clothes from the States. I usually wash new clothes but I already have a huge pile to wash and no dryer.


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Re: Do you wash new clothes before wearing them?

  • No, I never have and definitly would not here since we don't use a dryer and it takes 2 days to wash and dry things.
  • depends on what it is ;) regular clothes for me, usually not! If it were undies I would. Pretty much everything else I just cut the tags off and wear. 
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  • I wash underpants, nothing else.  I don't trust other people.  
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  • I don't.    I buy most of my underwear online and it comes sealed in individual plastic bags, so I don't wash those either.   
  • Yes, everything. It is a rare occurrence for me to cut the tags and wear without washing first. Even in the UK when we had a teeny tiny washer/dryer combo. Without fail I do it with the kids' stuff.
  • The more I see of how others view hygiene, the more I wash clothes before wearing them.
  • Yes, for the vast majority of things I buy.
  • No. And my undies come in a combo pack so I don't wash them first either.
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  • Yes. Never did until I saw an episode of CSI or Law and Order where someone died after wearing unwashed jeans that had chemicals spilled on them during shipping Embarrassed
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  • Yes. I don't know what happened to the fabric between manufacturing and being hung on store racks. I have germ issues.
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  • Nope. In fact, I wore a new shirt yesterday without washing it first.

    Well, I do wash underwear. 

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  • Yes, unless I am really in dire need of something (like the airline lost my bag). Ever since the whole bed bugs in major shopping chain warehouses, I shudder to think of doing otherwise.
  • Not unless it is underwear or the kids clothes (I worry about them and allergies to any residual chemicals in the clothes (after seeing that same CSI episode already mentioned!).  In fact, today I'm wearing a dress which I cut off the tags of this morning.
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