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Is everyone on vacation?

I feel like a needy, whiny child.

Come out of hiding, I'm bored. 


Stick out tongue

Re: Is everyone on vacation?

  • I'm off work until Jan 3 - yay!


    I'm trying to get the girls pictures with their new toys and then I can start putting them away.

  • Awww, fun MB. 

    Are you enjoying your time off?

  • No vacation for me.  I probably won't be able to take any kind of real vacation until the summer time.  We will continue to get busier and busier until June or so.  Sad

    I've been lurking on D&R and posting on the Baby Name board on TB.  I'm also doing some general web browsing here and there. 

    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker
  • image Desmond&MollyJones:

    Awww, fun MB. 

    Are you enjoying your time off?

    It has been nice having some time off. On Monday Brian was sick, so I took the girls to Target and "Old McDonald Had a Farm" for a Happy Meal.  (yes, that is what Allison calls it when she sees the Arches). Then we had Christmas for Brian's side of the family. Yesterday, I mainly cleaned and organized. Today my parents came to town so they could see the kids. Tomorrow, I'm sending the kids to daycare and doing a few things off my checklist, however I think I am going to relax and have a Mad Men marathon and finish off my DVDs. I  now have the Weeds series on DVD so I can start watching that.

  • GVSU: I totally vote for Mad Men Marathon. 

    I'm kinda all over the place today. Trying to clean up around the house still. Just kind of a blah blah day. I have stuff to put away but it is stuff for the business which would mean going down into the basement and rearranging the file cabinet and well, it's cold and drafty down there and by drafty I mean that I can smell our next door neighbor's fire they have going in their home. I also noticed that they changed wood as it has a slightly different smell than last month.


  • I wish people would stick to buying clothes and shoes at the mall!  My sister just posted that they got a dog for my niece. I'm sure they got it at the Puppy Mill Pet Shop at the mall. This is their third freakin dog. They have the most hyper, annoying Golden Retreiver, and that should tell you something about their pet skills. Goldens are not usually that way.  I have no clue how they pay for the things they do. They just way overboard for Christmas, booked  a trip to Disney, and now bought this dog. But yet my sister can't find a first shift job, because she gets paid more on 3rd shift and they NEED that extra money. But yet, she has been the biggest "B" since starting third shift.
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