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favorite quotes from the holidays with your family

sweet, funny, or infuriating ;) GO!

Re: favorite quotes from the holidays with your family

  • my mom to me as i made breakfast cocktails for DH, gram, and i at 10:30 on christmas day "isn't it a little early for that?" 

    i still have no idea how my mom can not drink and deal with my family. i need to live hundreds of miles away and have plenty of wine when i'm with them. 

  • Sweet little story - 3 year old on DH's side was super excited for Christmas, and while the adults finished Christmas Eve dinner he was running back and forth sliding in his socks on the wood floor.  His dad thought it'd be funny to take the shoes he came in, put them in a box, and hand them to 3yo as though they were a present (no worries, he also had lots of 'real' presents).  He was so excited to open his "present" that he delightedly yelled "they're shoes!!" and proceeded to show everyone how they fit "so perfect!" for the next half hours - you've gotta love kids at Christmastime :)
  • My grandfather got my grandmother a pair of diamond earrings, and the backs screw on.  She was having trouble putting them on, so she turned to my cousin and I and said, "Are you girls good at screwing?"  This prompted a whole series of screwing-related jokes (although it still took my grandmother a while to catch on). 
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  • I have several and I think I should start a book :)


    My mom freaked out she didn't have time to make an ice ring, then made one anyway but told us all it wasn't a pretty ice ring and she was sorry for that. 


    Cousin's wife was worried about having to get out her summer clothes for the cruise they are going on next month.  Oh the hardships!

  • Maggie got a bike for Christmas while Molly got a dollhouse - being that they were so big they were both unwrapped with a big bow (they had other smaller wrapped Santa gifts under the tree).  So they both are so excited and then Molly stops and looks around and says so sweetly "Mommy where's Molly's bike?" with her hands  upturned in the air like it must be somewhere and she just couldn't see it, totally believing we would never give Maggie a bike and leave her out.  So we brought out Maggie's old tricycle and she was super happy again.  Then whenever she would open a present she wouldn't want any more presents and kept saying "No thank you" and "I don't want it" when we would try and give her another gift.


  • I think my favorite might have come from DS. My MIL is a talker--I mean, there are times when she's visiting that I'll get up in the morning and as soon as she sees me, she'll start talking, and won't stop for 10-15 minutes straight. Work issues, celebrity news, random complaints, etc. It's a little overwhelming for an introvert like me, to say the least.

    Anyway, we were driving around looking at the Christmas lights in their town, and she was babbling away, and finally DS goes, "Gramma, why you talkin'?" Hee.

    Also, he thinks that the lyrics to the dreidel song are "dreidel, dreidel, dreidel, I made you out of play."

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  • I wasn't there, but my sister told me that my niece (who is 4) opened a gift that was in a box - just a plain one, so she didn't know what was in it - said "thank you for the box" and then put it aside.
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