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B&M Monday

-I have been up since 2:45, again, with painful contractions. This has happened every day for weeks. They start up, wake me up and then stop.

-Because off all of the contractions I was hoping 2.0 would arrive before my dad leaves this morning. Obviously, this is not happening, and it makes me sad that he has to leave (he has to prep for a major showin CA) and won't be back for 3 weeks.

-we need to break down and buy a computer, but I have no desire to commit to one. S wants an iPad, I want a desktop for photos and we could both use a laptop. I hate making tech decisions and with a possible move looming on the horizon, I don't want to buy anything. 

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Re: B&M Monday

  • I'm up at 545 to go back to work. Being up for the day this early sucks a lot more than I remember. Also, I slept terribly last night in anticipation. As soon as I did fall to sleep, Andy woke to eat. 

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  • I'm off of work for the week because we were supposed to be going to Florida to visit my grandparents. I'm still sitting in VA in my pjs :-( Our new fridge didn't fit under our cabinets so R and BIL raised the cabinets yesterday/ripped out the countertop and sink. Today they are tiling the counter and backsplash - totally taking away my time to go and visit. I'm tempted to pack the baby up and make the drive myself this afternoon.
  • I'm still having consistent contractions, but my OB says since they are not incapacitating, and at  my last checkup there was no cervical progress to ignore them. Like that's easy or something!

    Speaking of OB - My last appt was on Dec 21. She is now on vacation. My next appt is January 5th, and I will be almost 39 weeks. I am way too needy to have to wait that long for my next appointment.

    I want to sit and get some crafting done today, but I can't gather the motivation to get everything set up to do so. 

  • I'm still reeling from my grandmothers visit. I don't get how one person can make the entire family miserable. It makes me feel guilty that I can really only handle her in very small doses and it will be another 4 years until I will invite her over to my house for Christmas.

    I'm just plain exhausted and think my office should be shut down until after new years.

  • I got up to clean at 11:30pm (crazy, I know.), cleaned up the living room and the kitchen until they were spotless minus the floors... then I wake up this morning to find a mess in the kitchen, and not a small one either. How does this happen? How can he be so clueless and inconsiderate?? ugh...

     I want to take a nap today so badly, but I have way too much work to do in the basement... not that I mind, I am so anxious for it to be done. 


  • Now that I can finally walk like a normal person, my body decided to take on a cold from SIL, and who knows what other tummy bug that also affected David over the weekend. So I have a constant runny nose, sore throat, and then vomited last night for no good reason. And, because you know that's not enough, I had a bloody nose WHILE I WAS VOMITTING. And David was gone. I was so distraught even Dexter started wimpering and nudging me while I was in the bathroom. And yes, I went to work this morning since I missed so much last week and we are short staffed due to the holidays and sickness.
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