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Facebook question, help!

So I started thinking about this with Facebook. At first I thought that it was something for "the younger crowd":-) But it seems to be for everyone? But my question is, do I have to have an email address to register? If I only want to do the minumum and not place a picture. How do I go about registering? And if I want to look at my friends pictures, do I have to be registered myself? I can't go on Facebook since I'm at work and I was really wondering about this. Any advice appreciated:-)

Re: Facebook question, help!

  • You do have to have an email address to register.  You don't have to have a picture posted.

    As for looking at your friends' pictures, it depends on how they're setup.  If they're set to private, you have to be their friend.  If they're public, you can see them just by having the link.

    To register:  Go to  Click: Sign-up for new account.

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  • Yes, you do have to have an email address to register.  But you can keep it hidden.  You should register as yourself, most people will not add someone they don't know.  If you want to see your friends profile's you must add them as friends, esp if they are in a different network than you.  Otherwise you'll just get a little box that pops up with their profile picture.  You may also limit your profile for what people see.  This includes pictures you add to photo album or tag people in.  You can block people so they cannot search for you, as well as you can make your profile "private" so people have to request to be your friend in order to see your profile.

    If you are using this site just to "stalk" your friends, I suggest you get a new hobby.  Also realize not all the information on Facebook is true, and it's kind of a joke.  If I was your friend and I knew you signed up just to "stalk" I probably wouldn't add you.

  • Perfect! Thanks for you advice and all the help. I'll think about it before I decide to join:-)
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