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Kid randoms....because I'm bored

My kid only lets 2 people cut his hair. I tried to get him an appointment with one with no luck and before I called the other I said "Mommy will just cut your hair" the convo went like this.
c: you don't know how to cut hair
me: I cut daddy's hair
c: NAUGHTY mommy, why did you do that to daddy's hair (look of terror on his face)

I died laughing. My DH is completely bald on top. I just cut his hair with the clippers with a guard on. C thought that I'm the one that made DH bald.

Santa was at school yesterday and I guess that C didn't think that it was important to tell me. This morning he says "oh yeah, we saw Santa in the library yesterday, I told him I wanted a saddle and a sled". Only I couldn't understand what he was saying when he said took about 30 minuted to figure it out  because it sounded like anything from shed to fred (wtf?). Um...sorry dude. Santa is not bring you a sled. I asked him where he was going to ride a sled because we live on the river bottom, not in the hills and his answer was that I was going to pull him. Um....wrong answer again. :)

All of the grandparents have a different name, Nana, Papa, Grandma, Grandpa, and my grandmother is Granny. Well Granny is on a lot of meds. I am now on a lot of meds and got one of those weekly pill boxes so I remember what I have taken (because yes I'm an old lady). C is ver concerned that I have taken Granny's meds and that we need to take them back to her. Ahhhh....nope, they are all mine buddy.

C was be naughty the other night and I started taking gifts out from under the tree one by one each time he did something and told him that he was going to have earn them back by being good. He told me that I was like that big green Scrooge that steals all the presents. Big Smile

Anyone else?

Re: Kid randoms....because I'm bored

  • A.  You are not old, silly!

    B.  Your kid is stinkin cute!

    C.  My kid had swamp ass* last night and thought it was funny to all love up on her mom.  Ick.  It smelled so bad and she'd just had a bath a day ago.  We have to work on the wiping after pooping part. 

    D.  E is deathly afraid of this creepy little Christmas troll I have had since I was a kid.  It sits on our mantle and she won't go near it.  Dh thought it would be funny to tell her that the troll talks to Santa.  I am having freaking dreams about this troll, I can only imagine what she's thinking about it.

    E.  Ian looks almost identical to E's 6m picture.  J and I make really cute kids. 

  • I adore your kid, J!

    #1.  Every night I ask Evan to pick up his toys before bed.  Most nights his response is "Mommy help.  Evan full" and he rubs his tummy with this look of pain on his face.  WTF?  You're too "full" to help pick up your toys? 

    #2.  He's started ending sentences with "blah blah floop."  Last night we had tacos and guacamole for dinner.  He said "All done gacamemeal...blah blah floop."

    #3.  He greets strangers by saying "Oh, hi, poop!"

    #4.  When he sees a woman who looks like my MIL he calls her "namma."  We were at HyVee on Monday when we saw a very elderly woman with a walker (like Evan's great grandma's).  He called out to her "no fall, gate namma!  no fall!"  I'm happy she didn't hear him.

    * DS1...allergic to dairy, peanuts, eggs and turkey *
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    Baby Birthday Ticker Ticker

    love is for every her, love is for every him, love is for everyone
  • Oh, Coop!  All of those are great!

    - One day, last week, Jack & I got into a fight and didn't talk to each other for, like, 5 (glory-filled) minutes.  Finally, he came up to me and in a very serious tone said, "Sorry for bein' crunchy, Mom."  He, apparently, thinks we say "crunchy" when we say "grouchy." 

  • K's reminded me of another:

    - Last week, we were at Target and Jack started singing the "No More Monkeys Jumpin' on the Bed" song.  A lady walked by, smiled and said something to Jack, like, "Nice singing" or something.  She started walking away and Jack asked, "Who was dat wady, Mom?  Dat VERY OLD wady!"  AAAAAAAAAH!  She was not old - maybe 50.  Embarrassing.

  • If you're my FB friend you saw that My kid wrote a letter to Santa TELLING him not to bring me anything for Christmas...WTF?

    Same kid had a tantrum today because he insisted on wearing all red and doesn't own any red pants...only shorts.  So I took him to daycare in shorts...but made him wear pants over them...he took them off as soon as we got in DCP house and I'm sure when every parents picks their kid up today they are going to wonder why the heck my kid has shorts on...


  • -Mason has mastered the kazoo, I'm sure at some point it will get annoying, but right now it's so cute!

    -Changing a diaper on his has become a two person job - 1 to distract him and get him to hold still 1 to change the diaper

    -It just melts my heart when he says "mamamama" that's all he will say, so I have been repeating dada to him and he just looks at me like wtf?

  • L either sleeps with her feet up on the side of the crib or through the slats. I haven't figured out how either option is comfortable.
  • image October30:
    L either sleeps with her feet up on the side of the crib or through the slats. I haven't figured out how either option is comfortable.

    Ha!  My little man sleeps with his butt up in the air - like propped up on his knees with the bum up.  It's so cute - I smile everytime I go in to look at him.

  • Berkeley came up to me while I fed Jude the other day (breastfed) and asked in a disgusted tone, "Why are you MAKING him do that, mama?" Dude...awwwwkward.

    Mara totally pooped in the bathtub last week..she must have thought she farted and sharted instead...she stood up, screamed, and reached for her towel saying "I neeeeeeeed out!!! I neeeeed a diaper, a toilet, ouuuuuut"


    **Crunchy Mama to three girlies and one little guy**

    *P 9.2005 * B 11.2007 * M 6.2009 * J 11.2011*
  • Most everything is 'dada' to S. The other day a big dog was on tv, S pointed at it and shouted dada..cracked me up!
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  • Owen grabs nick, grabs me, pulls us in for a hug, and says " we both a family, I love you guys" he is so cute.
  • image tiff-n-nick:
    Owen grabs nick, grabs me, pulls us in for a hug, and says " we both a family, I love you guys" he is so cute.

    This is so funny, and Addison does the same thing. If DH is giving me a hug or a kiss, she has to come over and squeeze in the middle. Then, she always follows it with "you're my family" or "we have the same blood". 

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  • image tiff-n-nick:
    Owen grabs nick, grabs me, pulls us in for a hug, and says " we both a family, I love you guys" he is so cute.

    OK, that's adorable.

    And, Robyn's reminded me of another:  Yesterday, I was BFing Joah and Jack asked if he could feed Joah.  I said, "Of course!  Next time Dad has a bottle, feed him."  He said, "No, Mom," while lifting up his shirt to expose his chest, "I have big ones!"  

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