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Happy Christmas Eve Eve

2 Days to go girls. How are we all doing?

It's my Mom's birthday today also. She is turning the big 6 O. but don't tell her I told you. ;)

This afternoon I'll be helping a friend with her christmas eve meals. She is hosting 2 parties. One for family and then that night for a few friends. Her family isn't bringing anything to add to the meal so she is freakin out. I'm thinking the best way to go will be a variety of appetizers with the main course of Ham and Turkey Brest. Any ideas? She isn't big in cooking. 

Re: Happy Christmas Eve Eve

  • Morning!

    What about making sides tonight and reheating tomorrow?  Mashed potatoes, stuffing, and sweet potatoes reheat well IMO.  You could even throw the potatoes in a crockpot.  You can't go wrong with a fresh green salad either.  Fresh spinach, walnuts, cranberries, tossed with poppyseed dressing.   Done. 

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  • This spinach gratin is easy to make ahead and heat through while the meat is resting.  I made it for Thanksgiving.

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  • Off to Meijer we go.. yesterday we couldn't fit it in. WOP, I see R turns 4 months today! Awww, happy day to you Renee! Let's see an updated pic when you can.:) Have fun Deeder!
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  • Amachuta - love the pic of Noah with Santa. :)

    Wop - we need a new pic of the baby


    Well we have the kids until tomorrow evening. We are doing Christmas tomorrow morning. The kids will not stay away from the tree. Mike propositioned that we give them their stockings and one present this morning (they were from my grandparents). They were so excited. Leave it to my husband to get them riled up. Ugh it's going to be a long day if I have to stay here til 5. Blah. Maybe the boss will buy us lunch  *fingers crossed*  Tonight we are watching the Smurfs so that should be fun but I know they are going to keep looking at that tree and the presents. lol

  • Good morning.

    Deeder, Wop had some great ideas for your friend's dinners.

    I think I'm all ready for Christmas.  Everything is bought and wrapped. 

  • image Kasa:

    I think I'm all ready for Christmas.  Everything is bought and wrapped. 

    Me too.  I just need to hit up the grocery store either after work if I get out early, or tomorrow morning for Christmas morning breakfast and a dessert. 

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  • I hate the stupid mail!!!! My parents sent us out Christmas money on 11/30 so we would have it in time for Christmas - plenty of time. Checks never showed up. My dad said give it til Tuesday and if they dont show by then, then he'll stop payment on the other checks and write new ones.  Ugh
  • I think I might borrow one of MIL's ridiculous cheesy Christmas sweatshirts/sweaters to wear on Christmas day.  She gets them from her MIL each year, and I think it would be awesome to wear one to my family party. 
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  • Thanks Wop! I'll see if those idea's for the potatoes will work for her. 

    I have lunch in a bit with my parents and my Aunt. Aunt is leaving tonight for TX for a month to visit her husband  my Uncle who is working on a project down there. I get to car sit for her while she is gone. :) It's a green VW Bug.  

  • Grocery shopping complete!  No tears from Noah (or I! HA!) and Christmas shopping is finally done too.  Tonight we have a party for DH's dad's extended family, tomorrow we are here for my family and Christmas day with DH's fam.  Should be a fun weekend. 
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  • I got crafty. 

    Reindeer Food


    Jesus' Key for Santa (sorry this on is bigger so you can read it.)


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