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Christmas Budget -- Did you blow it or stay close

Do you set a holiday budget? If so, do you do a good job of staying within that set amount or just totally blow it?

Re: Christmas Budget -- Did you blow it or stay close

  • I used to budget and had an excel spreadsheet.   I didn't do it this year b/c I got really annoyed / irritated when I saw how much money I had to spend b/c we have to buy for all members of dh's family.  I buy for over 30 people every year.  
  • I don't really have a budget persay, we only have to buy for 8 people and daycare/teachers.  I try to stick to around $50 per person (with the exception of the kids) but I usually do more or less based on what I find for that person. 
  • I stayed close. I have a set amount I usually spend on each person, and I think I came fairly close on everyone. May have gone $5 or $10 over for a few people.
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  • I blew it by $64.
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  • We have around 20 gifts to buy for extended family (grandparents, parents, siblings, neices, nephews, etc) so we need to have some what of a budget for these gifts.  We stayed pretty close to what we say for each person.

    The ones we don't really have a budget on is the kids or between ourselves.  I don't think we will really ever have a budget for the kids or each other, sometimes they want expensive things and other times cheaper items, so we really don't set an amount.  Maybe this will change as the kids get older?


  • Blew it by 107 dollars :(

    I buy for 16 total people. My sister and I split my parents....I buy for my mom and she buys for my dad usually and she texted me yesterday saying that she couldnt afford the limit she set for each parent so I bought my dad a few more things to equal my mom. Plus I went over on my MIL by 10 bucks and 5 bucks over here and there. 

    Oh well.......I did better on my budget than last year!! 

  • We didn't do too bad. We take a look at the budget each year and kind of decide what we're going to spend then.. We went a little over on DS, but we also agreed no gifts for each other (we got a camera on Black Friday that is our gift to each other).
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  • We actually didn't pay attention much this year because we only had to buy for our kids, eachother, DH's brother/his gf, and my family exchange. The main reason we didn't pay much attention was because we got that gift card from TRU for $300+ since they f-ed up Owen's 4 wheeler warranty. Yep, Merry Christmas kiddos! :) Our biggest purchase outside of that was an xbox kinect for the fam from santa.
  • I started keeping a total but all in all, we did a good job for other family members but the kids, I don't keep track of too much.

    I do know this year, the spending was less and that makes me happy.

  • Yes, we stayed within our budget, got done early becuase there wasn't much to buy--we set a limit and pay cash for all. When the money's gone, we're done. We try to keep in mind that Jan. 1 will roll around and we want to stay debt free (except for our house). It'll be simple but still a good celebration.
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