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Christmas in one week!

What does everyone still have to get accomplished in the next 7 days? I have to pick up my dad's present. I work EVERY DAY but today, so somewhere in there I'm going to make two berry pies from scratch.
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Re: Christmas in one week!

  • Well I am off because of the surgery, so once I am able to leave the house, I will be heading to a few stores to finish up my shopping, and then doing all the wrapping.  I am hoping to do this on Wednesday.  Other than that, I will be working on my course that I had to put on hold for the surgery as well.  It's kind of nice to be able to take care of this stuff during the days instead of in the evenings - hopefully it will be less hectic shopping for me...I am still a little worried about having someone or something pump into me!

    No baking for me this year unfortunately - not able to bend and lift for a few more weeks. I am sure that my mom and my aunt will have enough for a football team anyway!

  • I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping, just a few more things to buy. Me and my brother are taking a picture with santa for my mom's present. We're going downtown with our SO Wednesday. I'm excited, my mom made us get out pictures done every year til we were 18 so it will be a nice gift for her.

     I Finally put the tree up yesterday. I will finish decorating it today. I'm also making stockings for DH, doggie and kitty. I cut everything out now I just need to do my sewing. I will be baking on Thursday and Friday for my cookie trays. Not sure what I will be making, I need to get on that :) I love baking!


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