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I shouldn't be complaining but I am

during sex my husbands penis will hit my cervix 2-3 times, i also cant be on top without this happening the entire time. and it is so uncomfortable that it takes my breath away, in a bad way. 

does this happen to anyone else? 

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Re: I shouldn't be complaining but I am

  • Yep, happens to us, too.
  • Yes everytime. I'm trying to convince my dh to get a penis reduction  lol. Seriously 12 inches is just to much for me. We have found a position that works great so I would try to find a position that works for you. Try being on top so you can control the depth it enters you.
  • Yes, happens here sometimes. I tend to avoid some positions (being on top, doggy-style) because it's worse then. 
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  • You should just avoid certain positions until you can get used to it...per say.
  • Yes, it happens to me all the time. My husband is well-endowed as well so we just have to find positions that work for the both of us. Sometimes I can be on top and sometimes I can't - it just depends on the time of the month. Good thing for me, he enjoys sex in pretty much any postion we're in so we just find one that minimizes the cervix bumps for me and we're golden. So, find posistion that work for you and your hubby too. It still may happen, especially when you get really into it, but at least it will be minimal. Good luck!
    So happy to be married to my best friend.
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