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Amazon Prime

Do you have Amazon Prime? If so, tell me why? I'm thinking of not renewing and wondering why I should.

Re: Amazon Prime

  • I'm cancelling it tomorrow as my free trial is up on the 10th.  It was great for the last month getting gifts here, but I don't see any other benefit of having it?  I think you need it to do any type of sharing on your Kindle, but don't think that's really worth it for us and don't really see any other need for getting packages here that fast when most things you can get with the free super savers shipping in a week...
  • DH has it, but he orders a lot of stuff through Amazon. We are also getting a Roku box so we can utilize his prime account for television streaming.

    Outside of those two reasons, I don't know if I would stick with it.

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  • We did the free trial too and then canceled. I can't see spending the $$$ to keep it all year.
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  • While I live having it through amazon mom I wouldn't pay for it either. Two day shipping is nice but not necessary. 
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  • I had the trial for a year, and ordered almost everything I could through Amazon (especially for Christmas!).  It just ended a few months back.  While I really, really miss it at times, I don't think it's worth how expensive it is.

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  • Totally worth it for me.  I use it for business, doctoral studies, household & gifts. 

    Prime has paid for itself *multiple times* by saving me gas money, taxes, TIME, etc.

    (I would save on all of the above even if I didn't have Prime, but much of what I buy is time-sensitive, so it's a total bonus.  Best deal out there for me.)

    Quick shipping + amazon's fab customer service = WIN.

    I shudder to think of what life would be like without Prime.  Truly.

  • I received the free trial period for the max amount and my mom, my husband, and I always used it.  So I just renewed it and honestly its already paid for itself within the last 2 months.  Not only christmas gifts but other gifts, business items for my husband, and my mom as well.  I honestly love how fast everything arrives and it never fails one of us has needed it in a pinch. 
  • We have it with Amazon Mom. With all of the online shopping we have done this year, it would be totally worth the $79 if we didn't have it free.


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