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Time of Sexxy Time

So, here on the nest they let it be known that you should schedule love making time.

Because I love sexual challenges and adventures I have been scheduling sex right after dinner for DH. I must admit, he has more of a smile on his face.



Re: Time of Sexxy Time

  • We do schedule sex some time, but not always.  If I have the day off, DH may text me and ask for a nooner, which I am more that happy to do.  We will text each other during the day and ask what the position of the night will be and we both know that the sex that night (or right after work) is going to be amazing since we are both aroused from the build up!  Other times sex is spontaneous.  Just depends on the day!


  • I think whatever works best for the couple is the best way to go. I don't like scheduling most things, so I think scheduling sex would make it feel more like an appointment in my planner than a fun spontaneous act.
  • My DH and I are more of the "spontaneous" type although, if need be we would schedule.

    To each his own. 

  • H wishes that I would be more on the spot, but I gotta tell ya that just can't happen with 2 toddlers running around. Nope I always let him know that I don't like to do it when the kids are up.
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